Sunday Photo Mishmash: that blue sea of mine

Living away from Malta always puts the Mediterranean Sea up on a gigantic pedestal for me. That fixture of everyday life that was almost always there in the corner of my eye as I drove around and lived my life is suddenly no longer there, and it’s quite curious how fundamental it is in relation to my overall happiness. Coming from a little town in the centre of the island of Malta, it wasn’t like I woke up and could see the sea (like a lot of people can), but my insatiable love affair with the Mediterranean started once I left for England to study and was thousands and thousands of kilometres away.

Now I live in a landlocked country without easy direct-flight access to my home country, and I miss the Mediterranean more and more as the days go on. At least I’m lucky enough to be able to visit really regularly, so I always get my fix of the sea whenever I’m back home.

The photo above was taken last Tuesday while on a trip to Gozo with my parents. Other beaches were a little too rough for my parents, but Mġarr ix-Xini never disappoints, and it was perfectly calm and absolutely beautiful. I soaked in every second of the feeling of the water on my skin and the sun on my face and shoulders, and the gorgeous surroundings (including the lovably loud and complain-y old Gozitans that sat by the sea).

Yesterday, I booked another trip to Malta for the end of October, and I’m already aching to leave. It really sounds like I just want to be in Malta as much as possible (which is 100% true…), but I’ve never appreciated Malta more than when I don’t live there. So maybe this is all for the best.

And Autumn has well and truly begun in Luxembourg and it’s already gorgeous – I can wait for the trees to get browner and crunchier.

Happy Sunday! Off to brunch. :)

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