Sunday Photo Mishmash: work hard, play hard

What an absolutely wonderful week. I’ve felt so good and so productive, while taking plenty of time off for adventures and day trips in the countryside. We visited Vianden (gorgeous!!) and Mullerthal (above) with our friend Anke, who was visiting, and we had such a lovely time in nature and exploring castles and seeing giant trees up close! I also saw red slugs for the first time ever – I never knew that slugs came in a red variation – but Anke, who is German, assures me that they’re super common in this part of the world. I have too many photos of red slugs now. Fascinated.

We also (obviously) ate a lot of amazingly delicious food, including Flammkuchen, which is an Alsatian dish (which I am slightly obsessed with now). The one below was a very fancy one, with goat’s cheese and pear. I could eat them all day, every day.

Apart from the travelling and exciting trips, I also got a lot of work done this week, and it’s been a particularly enjoyable week, with lots of super-interesting text to work on. I’m also very excited about ordering a new laptop (long overdue – I’m sure you can currently hear my laptop’s fan, wherever you are), which should arrive in just over a week.

I also attended the most beautiful wedding of my Italian friend Valentina this week – which was such a treat. As I said, it’s been a fantastic week.

Hope everyone is having a splendid Sunday!

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