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11/11 Thesis Progress: Things are going surprisingly well…

… and I’m obviously suspicious of everything. How is this going well? I’m actually getting concrete stuff done – as in: writing. Words. Lots of writing of lots of words.

I started #AcWriMo on 1 November (Academic Writing Month) and set myself the goal of around 500 words a day for 5 days a week. I’ve only written on 6 days since 1 November, but I’ve far exceeded my word count goal. I’ve started Chapter 2, and I’m at 7,240 words! This is excluding the 350 words that I had written a few weeks ago. It’s all quite unbelievable.

The words I’ve written until now have been relatively “easy writing”, in the sense that I am going through the clauses of a number of laws that need to be explained in detail in my thesis. It’s quite easy to go through each provision and just regurgitate them (with some intelligent re-writing and commentary). The rest of my thesis won’t be this easy to write, but at least I’ve gotten this huge job out of the way.

I seem to be unable to work for more than 2 hours at a time, maximum. I usually use a Pomodoro timer to work in bursts of 25 minutes, and I try to do three or four of these. My favourite place to work seems to be the IT Services building at uni, where they have big monitors and well lit spaces. My monitor at home is larger than the ones at uni, but at uni I get the sense that I went there for a purpose, and that purpose is to write my thesis, and I’m just go-go-go-go like a machine gun and words just get WRITTEN.

It’s difficult to find time to write. I want to put it off every day. But I’m carving out a couple of hours here and there, and when I do have a writing session, I usually clock in over 500 words. Today’s session was a quick 30 minute one in between a library visit and a lecture, but I still managed 430 words, even though I’m past the truly “easy” writing phase.

My aims for the next 3-4 weeks:

1. Get started on at least two other chapters, since the chapter I’m currently working on is reaching its approximate word limit (which I myself have imposed),

2. Reach a minimum word count of 10,500 words, but hopefully closer to 15,000 words? Maybe?

3. Fix up what I’ve written in a way that I can present it to my supervisor for comments and suggestions,

4. Lastly, forget about my thesis after mid-December until end March, because I need to start focusing on my notarial warrant exam.

Everything is scary, but now less so. Even if I need to re-write everything. I pray to every single god that may or may not exist that I don’t need to re-write everything. That would be crushing.