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LUSH Christmas 2016 range – It’s in the Air!


One of the best things about Christmastime is back. LUSH always come out with their best stuff towards Christmas, so when I was invited to their LUSH Blog Party at LUSH Luxembourg, I was so chuffed that I could go. As always, they greeted us with delicious nibbles and drinks, and showed us all the beautiful new products. I mean, just look at that igloo made of colourful soap!


The ever-wonderful LUSH staff presented the new Christmas range through an adorable Christmas story, which involved a Santasaurus (seen at the top of this post) going on a journey. They really got into it, including a full-on preview of the magnificent Papa Noël face jelly:


Here are the amazing products I left LUSH with (and I’ve already used most of them!):



Basically, LUSH products are highly recommended as Christmas presents, or treats for yourself. Remember to keep an eye out for their Boxing Day sale as well.

A lovely LUSH-ified Mother’s Day

LUSH Mother's Day 2016

The Mother’s Day range has come out once again at LUSH, and since Luxembourg celebrates Mother’s Day next Sunday, I thought I’d write a little post about these truly lovely products/gifts just before it’s Mother’s Day over here.

Not all of the pictured items are from the Mother’s Day collection, because I also picked up a few other bits – like the Rehab shampoo on the top left (it’s got another name in French), and the Thanks Dad soap, for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law who just became parents (so they deserved a little treat). I also bought the new Smuggler’s Soul scrub for my boyfriend.

Here are some products from the Mother’s Day range which I can’t wait to try out:

  • Ladybird bubble bar – minty and fresh, and can last for several baths.
  • Rose Bombshell bath bomb – this is my favourite. The smell of roses in this is absolutely heavenly. I need to keep this one for a special bath on a very tough day.
  • Yummy Mummy shower gel – a repeat from last year’s range, and a very sweet-smelling shower gel with the best colour.
  • Flowering Tea bubble bar (bath dunk) – oh my. This one is special. It’s a giant tea-bag-shaped bubble bar, which allegedly spews flowers once it melts down enough. Very much looking forward to this one.

Hope you love the purple-and-Mother’s-Day themed products at LUSH right now. You don’t need me to tell you this, but they make great presents, particularly when the person is a little stressed out at the moment. Hint hint. Nudge nudge. Buy me LUSH stuff. <3

Violets and nuns, oh my! (The LUSH Mother’s Day range.)

Claire Bonello LUSH

LUSH warms the cockles of my heart. It’s such a fun, good company, with excellent products and lovely staff. This week, I headed off to a bloggers’ event where we all discovered the new Mother’s Day range. (PS: yes, I know, Mother’s Day was last Sunday in Malta, and even earlier in other parts of the world, but in Luxembourg, it’s much later, in June.) The event was top-notch, as usual, (they even gave us gorgeous fresh flowers for our hair! And the LUSH representatives were kind enough to translate all their beautiful French explanations into English for poor little me) and I emerged with such a feel-good feeling.

Mostly due to the delicious strawberry concoction (above) and the delicious nibbles (below). Oh my, I must have had about five desserts. So good.

LUSH Mother's Day nibbles

The LUSH team are the kindest with bloggers, and sent us all home with a giant bag full of wonderful stuff from the Mother’s Day range. Clockwise from the top: Ultraviolet bubble bar, Yummy Mummy shower gel, Yummy Mummy body conditioner, Kerbside Violet solid perfume, and the Mother Superior bubble bar.

LUSH Mother's Day 2015

My favourites have to be the beautiful purple-y Yummy Mummy shower gel, and the hilarious Mother Superior bubble bar. Apart from looking amazing, they also smell out-of-this-world wonderful, and after a couple of hours at a LUSH shop, I practically radiated a fresh LUSH scent out of my pores. (I loved it.)

LUSH Mother's Day range

I had the best time with my sweet Luxembourg friends. Below, I’m posing with the lovely Betty and my best Luxembourg friend, Valentina. (My dress is from Zara.)

LUSH Betty Valentina Claire

It was a fabulous event, and I can’t wait to use up all my new products. I also picked up the Mask of Magnaminty (after trying out a sample a few weeks ago and loving it), and I became slightly obsessed with one of their new fragrances, All Good Things (it smells smokey yet sweet like candy floss – amazing) – I must save up for it ASAP.

And now our bathroom is a little overwhelmed by LUSH products… Oh well. ;)

What I Bought on my First Outing in Luxembourg

Luxembourg Shopping January 2015

During my first few days in Luxembourg, I popped out on my own one morning to discover what a few of the shops in the city centre had to offer. I’m not used to having H&M, LUSH, HEMA, and Sephora all within a few minutes’ walking distance, so it was all Very Exciting.

Some things I bought!

I made cakes for our neighbours in the apartments below us, smelt oh-so-good, and found a book from my to-read list, in English! The fact that all the things I bought from LUSH were 50% off still boggles my mind. HEMA is also clearly my new favourite bits-and-bobs shop. I later visited it again and bought ALL their cards.

Any other cool shop suggestions for me to visit in Luxembourg? I like pretty stationery, books (in English), beauty products, food, and skater dresses.

LUSH Valentine’s Party

Yesterday evening I was supremely lucky to go along to the #LUSHblogparty at the Luxembourg City branch of LUSH. There we had an absolutely lovely evening, where I got to meet a lot of Luxembourg bloggers and discover lots of new (and old) LUSH products.

If you’ve read my blog (or know me) at all, you’ll know that I’m quite a big LUSH fan. This event was quite the dream come true, and the little team at LUSH seriously outdid themselves. They greeted us with Prince Charming cocktails (WHAT.) and there was even a presentation (in English! Phew.) about the wonderful brand and the Valentine’s range. Look at that Floating Flower bath bomb. So pretty.

Floating Flower bath bomb

My love for this brand increased tenfold last night (how.), especially when I learned about all the good stuff LUSH does. They support their suppliers, their distributors, their branches, all over the world. The one titbit of information which struck me the most, however, was that the little packing peanuts they use in their gift boxes are made of corn and are technically edible.  Luckily, I didn’t need to resort to eating any packing peanuts last night, because the little spread that was available was hella delicious.

LUSH blog party nibbles

We even made super-super-fresh face masks (WHICH WE GOT TO TAKE HOME) – the smell of fresh blueberries was unreal.

Catastrophe Cosmetic

The whole evening was so much fun, and apart from the very kind gifts and surprises that they sent us off with (all of which I was about to purchase myself…), I also bought a few other bits that were ahem totally necessary and required in my life and for my survival. Yeah.

LUSH blog party haul

The Unicorn Horn bubble bar – this is hilarious and gorgeous to look at, but also creates some serious bubbles with a calming lavender-y smell. The best thing is that this will last several baths (maybe up to six if I really stretch it). And baths are pretty much mandatory + required in a snowy country. (I was also really impressed by the Love Locket bath bomb, which is a massive bath bomb which you break and in which you’ll find ANOTHER heart-shaped bath bomb. Then you pop it into a hot bath and tiny little pink candy hearts start emerging! Look at the link for a demo.)

Prince Charming shower gel – no way did I think I was going to like this. When they demo-ed this in the shop, the softness of my hands after using it was really surprising. Then they kindly popped a little bottle in our bags to take home, and I used it during my shower this morning. Verdict: AMAZING. It has a pleasant grapefruit-y scent with some serious softening properties.

Crown and Glory purple glittery heart hair clip – this was a little non-LUSH bonus gift that is perfect for a purple-loving brunette like me.

L’Oracle (or Vanishing Cream) face moisturiser – I needed a new moisturiser for my face, and I asked for a hydrating one – this ticked a lot of boxes and smells beautiful.

Kalamazoo beard cream/wash – I bought this for Dave, my boyfriend, after reading about it on a blog post by another blogger in Luxembourg who had recommended it. After showing this to Dave, he asked me to pick up a tub for him. He used it this morning, and the verdict seems to be good.

Eau Roma toner water – I’ve always wanted to try one of the toner face sprays by LUSH, and after smelling this one last night, I decided to pop it into my basket as well. It’s lovely to spritz onto the face before applying moisturiser, or whenever the face needs a little pick-me-up to feel refreshed.

The Kiss lip gloss – you don’t often see lip glosses in little tubs, but this one is special. I tried it in the shop last night (at the perfect moment, when my lips had started feeling a bit chapped), and it was really lovely and silky. Softening, with a pleasant smell, and a slight pinky tint.

Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh face mask – that’s the one which we made in the shop last night. I popped it onto my face this morning, and the fresh blueberry mixture was an absolute treat.

Cupid’s Love soap – I haven’t bought or used a LUSH soap in ages (I used to use them almost every single day a few years ago… I think my favourite was Northern Lights), so it was lovely to get a bar of fresh soap yesterday. The smell of this particular soap lingers on your skin and I could even smell it from inside its packaging inside the LUSH bag while it was in my kitchen.

There was even a crown made of massive fresh roses and a Polaroid camera at the blog party – I’m seriously going to treasure that little photo so.much. I loved the whole evening, the lovely products I’m using, and LUSH in general.

(PS: Now I’m seriously aiming to put some of what I earn on the next proofreading job I finish to go towards this fabulous moisturiser. (I think it’s called Gorgeous in the UK.) I tried it in the shop and, while a little expensive, it is absolutely perfect. I’m also aching to buy one of these massage bars, once I finish the one I’m currently using.)

(PPS: While I’m ridiculously lucky and blessed to have an absolutely amazing boyfriend/life partner/adventurer-friend, we never celebrate Valentine’s Day because, well, it’s his birthday. So it’s understandable. But, Dave, if you’re reading this, any LUSH product is perfectly fine as a surprise present during any day of the year. So, yeah. Laaahve youuuuuuu.)

Christmas Wishlist 2014

Christmas Wishlist 2014


I’m probably only going to write a couple of Christmas gift guides this year, and this is the one with All Of The Things, whereas the next one will be about All Of The Books. This year, I’m trying to move the focus away from thing-things (since I’m moving to another country and can’t carry over too many things), but for my Christmas wishlist here, I’m going to list a few things which could be very useful wherever I am.

  1. Escentric Molecules (Molecule 1) – I’ve wanted this fragrance forEVER, and I haven’t been able to buy it myself because most websites don’t ship perfumes, and I’ve never seen it in an airport or in Malta (or anywhere when I’ve been abroad recently). Maybe I’ll find it when I’m in Luxembourg, or maybe I’ll be given it at Christmas (I WOULD DIE <3).
  2. The Wet Brush – this is one of the latest crazes in hair brushes, but promises to be good for my wild curly/wavy mane. It’s not expensive, but I’ve never committed to buying one myself, so it would be a lovely gift.
  3. RMS Living Luminizer – this seems like a perfect highlighter, and I’m always looking for a great one, especially after my beautiful theBalm Mary Lou Manizer shattered *sad-face*
  4. Fancy Pure Vanilla Extract – OK, I probably wouldn’t take this with me to Luxembourg if someone gave this to me this Christmas, but I have ALWAYS wanted to own a bottle of realfancy vanilla extract, for extra-delicious baked treats.
  5. A T-Shirt relating to Feminism – I want most of the T-shirts on this website. What can I say? I’m passionate. An excellent gift for the feminist in your life (AKA anyone in your life, I should hope).
  6. A really fancy candle – again, I don’t know if I’d trawl this over with me to Luxembourg, but I’ve always wanted a ridiculously amazing fat candle that fills up a space with the most beautiful scent, especially if it’s chilly outside. Or maybe I would totally take this with me. It’s a clear necessity.
  7. A GoPro – UGHHHH I WANT ONE SO BADLY. That is all.
  8. A handy, stylish, practical Kanken backpack – whenever I need a backpack (at festivals, for example), I’m always at a loss. This is why I need Swedish design in my life and on my back, especially if I’m going to be cycling it up in Luxembourg.

I hope that gave you a few ideas. Have fun Christmas shopping for your nearest and dearest (and Secret Santa victims). :)

July 2014 Favourites <3

July 2014 Favourites

Oh, July. I feel like a completely different person to what I was 7-8 months ago, and July has thoroughly cemented that in. I now work (WHAT?! – I know.) and have successfully completed a million and one projects – with the hallmarks being my Doctor of Laws thesis and my notarial warrant. I’m exhausted, but ridiculously happy and also thoroughly enjoying all these celebrations.

Pictured favourites:

  • Burial Rites by Hannah Kent – a beautiful book. So finely crafted, and such a haunting story.
  • Korres Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturising Brightening Cream – I bought this (and the other Korres product) from Cyprus (which I visited this month), and they’re both so wonderful. Truly luxurious, high-quality skincare. Really loving them both.
  • Korres Wild Rose Brightening and Line-Smoothing Face & Eyes Serum – a really luxurious serum which you can feel is hydrating your skin. Mmm.
  • LUSH Orange Impériale Body Lotion – This is called ‘Celebrate’ in English-speaking countries, I believe, and it’s a Christmas product which I am absolutely adoring all year ’round. Smells divine, and is a wonderful lotion.
  • Instead Softcup – non-menstruating people, feel free to skip this one. This is an “alternative” menstrual product which I started using properly this month. It’s been absolutely brilliant, and you don’t have to think about your period for 12 whole hours (i.e. the entire day). It also turns out to be heaps cheaper than tampons or sanitary towels.
  • Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean Face Wash – my wondering friend Anna gave this to me on my birthday, and I’ve been using it super often. It’s so easy to use due to its pump, and it smells beautiful and cleans gently. Great stuff.
  • LUSH I Love Juicy Shampoo – This shampooooooo! It’s fresh, cheerful, and gives hair a “deep clean” without making it feel too stripped or squeaky. Lovely scent too.

Other favourites:

Hope everyone is having a splendid summer!

May 2014 Favourites! <3

May 2014 Favourites

And May is over. Madness. I’ve spent a whole month seriously hard at work on my thesis, and I’ve thankfully had my extension request approved, so I can brush it up at my own pace. Let’s get straight into the favourites.


  • Dior Addict Lip Glow – the perfect lip product. It’s SO expensive, but SO worth it. Try it. It’s a clear balm that CHANGES COLOUR on your lips and gives them such a glow. Urgh, I love it.
  • Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell – I didn’t love this as much as Eleanor & Park, but it was still really lovely. I wish these books existed when I was a teenager!
  • ESSIE nail polish in Mezmerised (although FeelUnique seems to think it’s called ‘Mezmerize’, oh well) – this is such a beautiful blue colour, and I’m so pleased that my boyfriend got this for me on his recent trip to England.
  • Agatha Christie books – clearly I’m going through a phase. The one I loved the most (not pictured) is And Then There Were None. SO GOOD.
  • Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell – such a GOOD BOOK. The perfect read to escape my thesis mania.
  • Tanya Burr lip gloss in Aurora – this is the best lip gloss. So beautiful on the lips, such a pretty colour, and smells so yummy. When I first put it on it looks really wrong, but after a few seconds it magically sets in and looks perfect.
  • MAC lipstick in Plumful – this is my first ever MAC lipstick, and it is incredible. The colour really compliments my skin tone, and I’ve loved popping it on if I need to go out in the evening.

Other favourites:

  • I PASSED MY NOTARIAL WARRANT EXAM. It’s not like I haven’t blogged about this fact before, but it’s obvious that it’s going to be in my monthly favourites post. I’m still so pleased – and I can’t wait until I’m actually given the warrant.
  • Street View on Google Maps – whenever I’m bored and need an escape (and I’m not in the mood for reading), I’ve been looking at Street View of a bunch of random places (mostly Iceland or Sweden) on Google Maps. Try it – it’s so cool.
  • My morning routine was published on the lovely Sarah’s blog.
  • Absolutely amazing Guest TILTs.
  • Thesis progress – which has been VAST this month. I’m almost done with a complete, full first draft, and I can barely believe it.
  • I ate a lot of delicious burgers.
  • Weekend fun(!)
  • The Eurovision!
  • Poached eggs – so much.

June promises to include a lot of hard work, but I’m really, really looking forward to seeing the end of it – particularly since it means I’m going to be an actually warranted notary. So soon!

April 2014 Favourites! <3

April 2014 Favourites

April. It’s been mostly disastrous but took a turn for the better at the end. My thesis progress was more stagnation than progress, but now things have picked up again. I’ve long been terrified about May 2014, but now that it’s almost here I’m not too worried. I’ve either become complacent or else I’m just numb to the deep-set fear. BUT, Spring is definitely here, and the sun and warmer weather are helping me calm down. And Summer is only a couple of months away – isn’t that amazing?

Favourites! (Quite a few since I spent most of the month TOTALLY not working on my thesis and reading/frolicking instead.)


  • NUXE Rêve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing lip balm – so thick, so nourishing, such a lovely scent. A very heavy lip balm that’s perfect after you give your lips a good scrub.
  • Estée Lauder lip gloss in Nude Rose – my beautiful friend Jenny gave this to me for my birthday last month, and it’s so.nice. It makes my lips look dressed up and plump and shiny, in a good way. So luscious. Plus – you might be hearing more about/from Jenny very soon… *mystery*
  • New phone! – After cracking my Samsung Galaxy SII’s screen in March, I got a Nexus 5, and it is WONDROUS. Such a great phone, and larger than ever.
  • Acase Phone cover – to go with my snazzy new phone, I bought a super-recommended phone cover, which is actually two covers in one. I got it off of Ebay for about 19 euros including shipping, and it’s a beautiful purple case that’s perfectly protecting my phone.
  • Coconut oil – I’ve been meaning to buy a jar of coconut oil for ages, and I finally got one a couple of weeks ago. It smells DIVINE and I’ve used it as a hair mask and it’s really lovely. (As a hair mask: just plonk it in your hair for 30 minutes or more, and then rinse it out. SOFTNESS.)
  • The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt – I read so many books this month, and this was by far the most massive, clocking in at 771 pages. It was a beautifully-crafted novel – I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The last third of the book wasn’t… my favourite, but I still loved it overall. Especially since it was a beautiful edition + a birthday present from my boyfriend.
  • 172 Hours on the Moon by Johan Harstad – Another book I read this month. It’s a bit of a horror story, which isn’t usually what I go for, but this was really good. Chilling, scary, and just a good story to get into. I can’t really look at the moon any more without shivering, but oh well.
  • Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell – THIS BOOK. I get the hype. I get it. I loved this book. LOVED IT. I *****WISH***** it existed when I was 15. I would have adored it. I adored it now, but it is just PERFECT for teenagers, I feel. So heartwarming and beautiful. Totally recommended Young Adult fiction, yes.

Other favourites:

  • A Little Opulent – this online magazine launched this month and it is ALL MY FAVOURITE THINGS IN ONE. I’m obsessed with their relaxed, beautiful posts. Although there doesn’t seem to be too much of a hype around it – WHY THE HELL NOT? It’s AMAZING. READ EVERYTHING ON THERE.
  • Kulħadd Ħalla Isem Warajh by the lovely-lovely-lovely Clare Azzopardi – Oh my. This book. I read (DEVOURED) it last weekend and adored it. If you can read Maltese, READ THIS BOOK. So good. I haven’t read a huge tonne of books in Maltese, but I’ve read all of Stagno’s stuff and a bit of Immanuel Mifsud and others… but THIS BOOK. It might be my top favourite Maltese book ever.
  • Figolli – delicious Maltese Easter goodies. Yum.
  • Milka & Oreo – I was supposed to include this in my pictured favourites above, but I ate all the bars I had… oops. This is something else. The Cadbury Oreo version verges on 100% bland next to this. If you love/like me, buy me a Milka & Oreo bar. Thanks.
  • Recovering from a dearth of thesis-related productivity – thank God.
  • Looking forward to more Guest TILTs next month!
  • Buying fresh smoothies
  • Celebrating my best friend Annie’s birthday
  • A really great evening out
  • Cats
  • Gifs
  • Pilates
  • The sweetest German friends who visited us in Malta for a week in the beginning of the month
  • Running again(!)
  • Compiling more medleys
  • Wondering where I’m going to be “at” when I’m compiling next month’s Favourites… (If I actually end up having time to compile a Favourites post at all! That’s what had happened last year…)

Have a great May.

25th Birthday Wishlist

Birthday Wishlist 2014

On my birthday this year (my 25th!), I’m going to be stuck in a musty building doing one half (9 hours) of the notarial warrant exam. It’s going to be gruelling and it’s going to be awful. And then two days later I’ll have another 9 hour exam session. Ugh. Therefore: this year’s birthday will be a weekend affair, following the two exam sessions. So I’m planning a lot of fun and frolicking to be had.

(I’m also popping over for a quick trip to Rome with my bestie the following week – so exciting!)

As has been a relative tradition on this blog, I’m going to show you a few things which are on my birthday wishlist this year.

In the beauty/make-up corner on the top left, I’m coveting Dior’s Crème de Rose lip balm, MAC’s Plumful lipstick, Tany Burr’s Aurora lip gloss, the Benefit POREfessional primer, LUSH’s Big shampoo and Retread conditioner, and the Le Blanc de Chanel sheer illuminating base.

The top-right corner contains a few home/miscellaneous items: beautiful candles, my most-wanted perfume of the moment, a picnic basket, and a book lamp(!).

Finally, obviously, a few books from my ever-lengthening book wishlist: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom RiggsLegend by Marie Lu, and The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. (PS: the BookDepository have a crazy sale today! So excited. Totally using my studying-procrastinating time to refresh ever half an hour…)