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26th Birthday Wishlist

Birthday Wishlist 2015


I’m turning 26 on 18 March, and I have no idea how I’m going to be spending the day, but I’m very excited. And, as usual, I have compiled a little wishlist of things I would (hypothetically, tee hee) love to receive as gifts.

  1. A Daniel Wellington watch (with rose gold edges) – I’ve been wanting this for about a year, and it’s so gorgeous and sophisticated, yet not at all flashy…
  2. Dining out at fancy restaurants – I love a good meal at a good restaurant, and this sort of treat is one which might seem like a “waste of money” for some, but for me it is one of the loveliest experiences; I don’t forget special meals out, and I cherish the memories and the time spent with special people.
  3. Travel – whether it’s just the planning or whether it’s a concrete train/plane ticket, travel is what I ache for every day. And now that I live in the centre of Europe, it’s so easy (and quite surreal) to think about how, for example, I can be in the heart of Paris in two hours (TWO HOURS).
  4. Crooked House (Agatha Christie) – I’m becoming quite the Christie fan, and I’ve heard fantastic things about this one, so it’s next in line and would be the perfect gift. <3
  5. The Ocean at the End of the Lane (Neil Gaiman) – I’ve heard such excellent things about Neil Gaiman, and it’s high time that I give one of his books a go. This one has been given some pretty good reviews, so I think it could be a good gift for me to start off with his oeuvre, as it were.
  6. Diptyque Vanille candle – I finally forked out the money for a Diptyque candle at the end of January, and I can see what the fuss is about. Even Dave, my boyfriend, has been pestering me to “put on Feu de Bois” in the evenings. They’re magical candles, and I’d love to own another one soon.

Other options include: nice perfume (which I haven’t been able to find anywhere), a leather jacket I’ve had my eye on, and just more books.

So, just a few things, apart from gender equality and world peace and stuff. And perhaps this wishlist has inspired you to buy a gift for a special person in your own life (even if it’s just yourself). :)

Birthday Sneak Peek

Birthday cake 2013

I just wanted to share some photos from my birthday (which was last month). My birthdays are usually one extreme or another. Two years ago, for example, it was mostly amazing. A year ago, it was mostly disastrous, but then ended on a fantastic note. This year, I was having a little bit of a depressive episode during my birthday week, and that meant that I wasn’t much of a happy bunny. Luckily, I still managed to host a little party at my house, and baked myself a truly magnificent cake (above – LOOK AT IT) :) The evening had wine (pictured), pink cider (not pictured, had already drunk it by then), and did I mention the CAKE?

My wonderful friends also brought a few presents with them.

Birthday gifts 2013

I even received a special package from the Netherlands, from my favourite Dutch lady, Eline <3 This cupcake drawstring bag is seriously gorgeous. So striking and sturdy. It was really the perfect surprise.

Eline gift Birthday 2013

And finally, a little peek at one of my “Maltese” presents. It’s an owl-shaped hot water bottle. Microwaveable and everything! I haven’t used this yet, but it looks so cute and charming that I’m keeping it out all year long!

Owl hottie birthday present 2013

I wonder what next year will bring? :)