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The Cake of Awesome™

Andrew cake 1

As you might have spotted on a previous Sunday Photo Mishmash, I made a Cake of Awesome™ a few weeks ago, for my boyfriend’s brother’s birthday. It turned out really well – and here are a few photos showing it off.

Andrew cake 2

I used this white chocolate cake recipe, and made three layers (one of which was blue), and covered the whole thing with this cream cheese frosting (which was also a shade of blue). Finally, I put lots of purple sprinkles on the top. The presentation wasn’t the best, but at least it all held together and everyone said it was delicious.

Andrew cake 3

Ohhh yeah.

Things I Love Thursday

  • Scandal – the latest TV show I’m addicted to
  • Cake and scones with my awesome best friend
  • Greek food
  • Red wine
  • Making an amazing quiche
  • Sparkling wine
  • Hilarious stories
  • Revelations
  • Pastizzi with friends
  • Boyfriend time of awesome
  • Hair in the wind
  • A friend launching his first book
  • A lovely person
  • Productivity (on one day last week…)
  • TriPeaks (a Solitaire game of addictiveness)

April Favourites! <3

April Favourites 2013

Another favourites post!

This month was certainly better than February and March, yahoo! I was ridiculously productive (for the most part) and survived relatively unscathed and happy. I even dipped my toes back into the theatre (I took part in a lovely little play-reading) and got two theses proofread and ready to go. The first half of the month saw me study quite a bit, but the last two weeks have been awful on the studying front. Eek. Less than a month to go for my first exam. Urgh.

Pictured favourite products:

  • Soap & Glory Heel Genius (a foot cream that I’ve been rubbing on before popping into bed – I wake up with soft and smooth feet: easy!)
  • The fantail brush I reviewed here.
  • A Game of Thrones (finally getting past the first few chapters and now about 200 pages in) – can’t wait to finish the first book in the series and get some momentum going.
  • Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation (it’s a little ‘sparkly’ – which is how it’s supposed to wake you up, by making you look glowy – but other than that I’ve loved applying a tiny bit of this to my face with my fingers this month).
  • The Revlon Lip Butter in Macaroon (again) – it’s brilliant.
  • TRESemmé Liquid Gold Argan Oil Infused hair treatment – this hair serum has been so lovely on my hair this month. It doesn’t look greasy or wear my hair down, but just gives my curls more shine and definition.

Other favourites:

  • The warmer weather
  • Cats
  • Game of Thrones (the TV series) finally being back
  • Cake-in-a-mug (the ultimate surprise ‘delicacy’ prepared by my boyfriend’s awesome brother)
  • My little proofreading business getting along nicely – I find it to be a very satisfying endeavour, and actually helping people getting their theses to be the best they can be is fantastic.
  • Time spent with my two best friends, Annie and Anna. Little meet-ups with one or the other always lift my spirits.
  • Writing a relatively unusual post for this blog about my discomfort with always feeling like I’m ‘waiting’ for the next thing. It was well-received and so very relieving to get off my chest.
  • A few days of eating in a ‘healthier’ manner… i.e. less carbs than I would normally have, more fruit and veg than I would normally have (which is still not nearly enough, but anyway…), and less cheese + chocolate + junk food. I’m feeling more energetic and having no issues with feeling hungry or bogged down, so it’s fantastic. Pity it’s not too convenient to eat this way (yet), nor is it cheap (sometimes) and nor is it easy (for now – it’s still such a conscious effort).
  • Taking even MORE care of myself and going to a tonne of doctors this month – physiotherapist (getting insoles to sort out my wonky heels), gynaecologist (gotta be done), etc.
  • Insane productivity at some points during the month. So proud of myself. I wish I could keep this up all the time, but I guess that would be close to impossible.
  • Crosswords
  • Tumblr, always.

Best of luck to everyone who, like me, will be spending the month neck-deep in studying and work. Take frequent breaks, especially if it’s to enjoy some sunshine. I know I‘m looking forward to going for a few dips in the sea.

Birthday Sneak Peek

Birthday cake 2013

I just wanted to share some photos from my birthday (which was last month). My birthdays are usually one extreme or another. Two years ago, for example, it was mostly amazing. A year ago, it was mostly disastrous, but then ended on a fantastic note. This year, I was having a little bit of a depressive episode during my birthday week, and that meant that I wasn’t much of a happy bunny. Luckily, I still managed to host a little party at my house, and baked myself a truly magnificent cake (above – LOOK AT IT) :) The evening had wine (pictured), pink cider (not pictured, had already drunk it by then), and did I mention the CAKE?

My wonderful friends also brought a few presents with them.

Birthday gifts 2013

I even received a special package from the Netherlands, from my favourite Dutch lady, Eline <3 This cupcake drawstring bag is seriously gorgeous. So striking and sturdy. It was really the perfect surprise.

Eline gift Birthday 2013

And finally, a little peek at one of my “Maltese” presents. It’s an owl-shaped hot water bottle. Microwaveable and everything! I haven’t used this yet, but it looks so cute and charming that I’m keeping it out all year long!

Owl hottie birthday present 2013

I wonder what next year will bring? :)