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Venus the Cat (jumper edition)

Venus jumper 2

Ah, Venus. She’s the chubbiest, sweetest, laziest cat in the world, and I love her to bits. Who wouldn’t love this cuddly bundle of fluff?

Venus jumper 3

In fact, we all love her so much that we had a jumper made especially for her.

Venus jumper 5

Did she appreciate it? No. No, she didn’t. She rejected the very concept of the jumper.

Venus jumper 6

Was she super cute and hilarious while wearing the jumper? Yes. Yes, she was.

July Favourites <3

july favourites

July has been all kinds of awesome. The fact that it’s over means that already a third of my summer is gone, and it feels like summer has barely begun. I’m still waiting for my last uni result (so.slow.) and I haven’t been to a BBQ yet! Madness.

As I usually do, I’m compiling a few of my favourite things from the month.

Pictured (pardon the crappy phone photo, but my camera is packed in a suitcase right now!):

  • Reading, in general. The start of summer meant that I finally had TIME and ENERGY to read books unrelated to my university course. Phew.
  • Sunglasses from SpeckyFourEyes.com which I still adore so.much.

Other wonderful things:

  • A new Facebook page (and web page) for my little proofreading business.
  • The Malta Arts Festival
  • Meals out at really wonderful restaurants
  • My cat. So much.
  • Time spent with lovely friends
  • Braiding my hair and piling it onto the top of my head in a little crown
  • A visit from an English friend
  • Boat trips!
  • Acting
  • Cheese
  • Getting great exam results

So excited about August. It will mainly consist of a lot of proofreading + a lot of travelling + a lot of heat + a lot of work. It’s a little daunting but I’m ready. Have a fantastic August.

May + June Favourites <3

May + June Favourites

Hi everyone! This is a Mega Favourites since it incorporates May and June. As you might have sensed, this year has been a a bit of a tough one, and it’s already half over! I am fervently hoping that the next 6 months (hell, the next 80+ YEARS) are happier and healthier and more wonderful. Therefore, I like to help myself to be more positive by compiling lists of things I’m loving, and monthly lists of things that have made me extra-happy. Here’s the list for May and June:


  • Daisy by Marc Jacobs – my Dad bought this for me when he came back from a business trip. I’ve always wanted it, and it’s so great for summer.
  • Pretty sandals from ASOS – my awesome friend Myrna came to my house for a revision session one day in May, and she was wearing these, and I fell in love, and bought a pair from myself.
  • Books (in general); right now I’m reading Down Under (Bill Bryson) – such a lovely read.
  • Stila convertible colour in Lilium (absolutely amazing to just rub onto the apples of my cheeks and that’s it)
  • Sunscreen (this is the one I’m using right now – the Nivea sun invisible protection transparent spray in SPF 30)
  • My catshe’s the best. She was chilling on my bed when I decided to take my Favourites photo.


  • Wine – which I’m appreciating in all forms and temperatures and colours. Also: sparkling. Mmm.
  • Proofreading – my little side business was flourishing during the months of April, May and June, and I truly enjoy it ever so much. It’s often hectic and frustrating (usually because Microsoft Word decides to be Extra Annoying), but it’s something I really have fun doing, and it’s so satisfying to help people out so they’ll have a super-perfect piece of written work. I’m hoping to have a Facebook page finalised soon, so that more people can find my services.
  • Genuine productivity (this was desperately needed during the last two months, ugh!)
  • Burgers
  • Swimming (A LOT) and enjoying Malta in general
  • TV shows: Scandal, Hannibal, Game of Thrones, The Apprentice UK.
  • Making quiches
  • Weddings! I’ve only been to one wedding recently, in May, but it was heart-warming and special and so lovely. And my cousin is getting 
  • Finishing Fifth Year – hello, biggest relief ever? 
  • Asparagus 
  • Writing a post about how to survive a music festival (and getting such a lovely response). 

Hope everyone has a great July. Much love x

Sunday Photo Mishmash: Mainly – a cat in a sink.

My cat wouldn’t get out of the kitchen sink a few days ago. Why? I have no idea. I don’t think it was to cool off, because other parts of the house (away from a sunny window) were a million times cooler. Hmm.

Below – an awesome friend of mine brought me AMAZING notebooks from the US! I do love notebooks. Pardon the chipped nail polish.

My father brought me a few gifts this week after a little trip… <3

This week holds my LAST EXAM OF FIFTH YEAR LAW. Cannot wait. It’s on Wednesday, and I can’t wait for it to be over. I’m going for a celebratory day-cruise after the exam is over, and I can’t wait to kick off some Summer Plans.

Sunday Photo Mishmash: stressful times and intense-cat-face

We had a glorious wedding yesterday; it was so beautiful and luxurious and fun. While I’m recovering (and still retrieving photos), here are some other photos I put on Instagram this week. First up, my hair is getting freakishly long. I like that.

Secondly, my boyfriend’s family’s cat, Tiger.

And a final one of me that was taken by my boyfriend while I was Mega Stressing over some Maltese Civil Procedure. Fun times. (Not.) (Not at all.)

Exams kick off this week, eek! Best of luck to everyone in the same boat as me (and to everyone with thesis deadlines!) :) x

Sunday Photo Mishmash: a cookery book + a kitty on a motorbike!

Two of my favourite friends gave me my birthday present on Sunday, and I am in love. Really cannot wait for some free time so I can furnish the entire world with pies and tarts and delicious things.

And finally, this kitty-on-a-motorbike was the highlight of my day this week. Look at how s/he sits there WITH PURPOSE.

2013-04-21 19.16.20

Hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday. I should be writing a 3,000-word assignment. As well as studying up a storm. Yeah. I’m probably just popping over to Patches