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Sunday Photo Mishmash: breakfast and – Christmas is here!

This was one of my lunches this week – at my usual lunchtime-in-Valletta haunt. The sausages + mushrooms + eggs were Amazing.

Also, I found these Mr Kipling mince pies at a supermarket this week. This means that Christmas is officially here. And I couldn’t be more pleased about that. *wipes off mince pie crumbs*

This week was the first week at uni and tomorrow a further bunch of lectures will be added to my routine. I’m dreading every.second. of this, and I can’t imagine how I’m going to survive this year. Ughhh.

Hope everyone’s weekend is lovely and that next week will be calmly productive. :)

Things I Love Thursday

  • Watching Othello live at St James last week – I absolutely loved it
  • Usefulness
  • A lovely farewell with a part of my boyfriend’s extended family
  • Pizza from Petrus (OMG that cheesy slightly raw-tasting doughy crust??)
  • Celebrations with my best friend (consisting of sparkling wine + sweet sponge fingers + Glee)
  • Going to an international cat show – the squashed up faces are too much
  • Going to a new beach (Ta’ Kalanka)
  • Being served (white and red) wine in plastic pint glasses with ice in them (too ridiculous for words)
  • A “Face of the Day” post
  • Lovely, homey, happy times
  • Lunch with a favourite person (I had a massive full English breakfast… mmm.)
  • New Downton Abbey, Homeland, Glee, New Girl, South Park, Great British Bake Off, Big Bang Theory, and Grey’s Anatomy episodes
  • Writing a poem
  • Compiling a Favourites post and a Stuff in my Shower post
  • Catching up with an old friend
  • Getting (properly) started on my Christmas gifts
  • Buying a box of Mr Kipling mince pies(!)
  • Boyfriend love