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18/10 Thesis Progress: Procrastinating like it’s a Sport

Oh dear. It’s been a while. My levels of panic and stress and pressure have reached unforeseen heights, and while I’m all ready to get started and actually start raking up the WORDS for my thesis, guess what? I still haven’t started. My supervisor has been very helpful and has given me a lot of guidance; he’s basically said it completely clearly: START.WRITING. But I just haven’t. Yet. I’ve been meaning to. But everything else on my to-do list now looks so shiny compared to the dreaded task of Starting To Write The Thesis.

Everything is daunting and overwhelming and yes, I’ve “done this before”, but still. I’m having panic attacks and fits of crying and sleepless nights. Woe is me, seriously.

So now I’m at the IT centre at university. Bright and early (hey, it’s 11am). And I have a number of little things to do on my to-do list (totally not thesis-related), and my feedly blog reading list is always delightfully plump and full of delicious posts to read.


I am going to try and get a start on my thesis before I do any of that. Hmm. Let’s see how that goes.