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February 2015 Favourites <3

February has been a strange, quiet little month. I was sick for about a week, and I’ve spent most of it indoors, quietly working on proofreading jobs and other things. My boyfriend’s birthday weekend was an absolute highlight, and we ate so much good food and visited such pretty places.

Quite a few pictured favourites this month:

  • Eucerin lip balm – this came out a little out of focus in the photo, but it’s been the real star of the month, particularly when I was all sick and cooped up indoors with the heating cranked up. It’s actually my boyfriend’s, but I’ve definitely “borrowed” it almost every day this month. So soothing, especially after using the lip scrub mentioned below.
  • Milka Cranchito – I found this at Auchan to eat as a snack on the bus ride home. It’s seriously MIND-BLOWING. It’s like savoury bacon-crisps (no bacon in it though, I think) coated in Milka chocolate. I would like a bucket of these, please.
  • A HEMA notebook and pen – these have been my trusty sidekicks every day while I scribble in to-do lists and do sums and write notes while doing Coursera courses
  • LUSH Popcorn lip scrub – absolutely heavenly smell and taste, and just the best scrub for parched lips in the middle of winter
  • LUSH Ocean Salt scrub – I’ve used a whole tub of this before, but I got a little tester pot a few weeks ago, and I’ve fallen back in love. How can vodka and sea salt make my skin feel so soft? <3
  • LUSH Prince Charming shower gel – this is just perfect for February – marshmallow, vanilla, pomegranate goodness
  • LUSH Cupid’s Love soap – I am over-the-top obsessed with this soap, and have been using it as a hand soap about a million times a day
  • LUSH Kalamazoo beard and facial wash – I had bought this for Dave, my boyfriend, but after seeing it in the shower I decided to give it a go, and it is such a heavenly facial cleanser, mmm
  • The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee body polish – this was a ‘welcome to Luxembourg’ present from a very sweet friend, and I’ve been loving how moisturising it is and how amazing in smells
  • Glov make-up remover – this has been a fantastic little discovery over the past few weeks – a magical glove which removes make-up super-easily without having to use any actual make-up remover. I kind of want to buy everyone one.

Other favourites:

March promises to be a little more exciting, what with the beginning of spring, and my birthday! See you on the other side. :)

February 2014 Favourites <3

February 2014 Favourites

This month was An Improvement. I got the ball rolling with regard to a lot of stuff in my life, I hosted a couple of fun parties, and worked steadily throughout. The notarial warrant exam dates came out, and it turns out that I’m going to be spending 9 hours of my birthday writing a bunch of inter vivos acts… Ugh. So March is going to be mostly full and stressful. The last bit of March, however, should be fun – I can’t wait to celebrate my 25th birthday and I’m even hopping off to Rome for a few days with my best friend at the very end of March.

Pictured favourites!

Other favourites:

See you on the other side of March(!!)