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Things I Love Thursday: Guest Edition (Rachel’s)

This week’s TILT is a guest edition, penned by the lovely Rachel. Rachel has been my friend since I was a teenager, and I’m so happy we’re still friends and see each other at least once or twice a year. She lives in Brussels and is always up to something or other, and she’s Top Geographer in my eyes. Her blunt words and infectious laugh are some of my favourite things about her, as well as her love for my blog <3

Enjoy her lovely TILT:

  • drowning myself in sunshine at the park
  • the mint and basil plants I’m managing to keep alive
  • making pretty maps which are also useful
  • writing scripts that work
  • the way my boyfriend’s eyes light up when there’s food ❤
  • Frederic Blondeel for pralines AND yummy hot chocolate
  • online shopping
  • spending the day at a geography conference
  • reading non-academic literature, currently The Decamerone
  • scrolling through DIY ideas
  • expanding my French vocabulary (current favourite word: boucle)
  • expanding my Dutch vocabulary (favourite phrase ever: Aan tafel!)
  • contributing to this amazing blog with my TILT ❤

Things I Love Thursday: Guest Edition (Malcolm’s)


I have a much-awaited Guest TILT for you today. The incredible Malcolm Galea (altogether now: OOOOOH!) has been one of the biggest fans of my Things I Love Thursday posts, and I’m so honoured and pleased that he’s sharing his very own TILT list today. I’ve known Malcolm for several years now, and some of my fondest memories of him include him asking me to be in a play he wrote (Revenance!), rolling my eyes at his terrible, terrible jokes, and spending time with him, his ridiculously-clever and beautiful wife, and his adorable boys. I’m especially pleased that he’s taken the “spirit” of the TILT so seriously, as you can see:

  • People that don’t sound like they look
  • Valletta at any time of day or night
  • The glorious roar of an audience’s laughter
  • The internal click when a story you’re writing suddenly falls into place
  • Nocciola ice-cream
  • American soft rock from the late 90s (Matchbox Twenty, Sister Hazel, Sugar Ray, Fountains of Wayne, Vertical Horizon, etc…)
  • Picking my boys up from school
  • Printing out a finished play and pretending that I’m writing it really, really quickly. And backwards.
  • Long Conversations
  • My wife’s laugh
  • Comic timing
  • Answering my children’s myriad questions (and secretly looking up the ones I don’t know)
  • Pandemic – the board game
  • Obi Wan Kenobi
  • Bridges
  • Buskers
  • Having lots and lots of work to do (but not at the present moment)

I love it. Thanks so much, Malcolm!

Things I Love Thursday: Guest Edition (Nathan)

Things I Love Thursday Guest TILT

After Maxine’s wonderful Guest TILT last week, it was only fitting that her lovely husband, Nathan, had his go this week. Nathan is one of my most lovable + cleverest + sweetest friends; ever-ready with the best comebacks you’ll ever hear. He also has the softest hair. I love him to bits. AND JUST LOOK AT HIS CUTE KITTIES. Read on for a fantastic TILT:

  • Lads nights and the QMMM cup
  • Boardgames. I friggin love boardgames. (#diplomacy)
  • That first gin at the end of a long shift
  • My kindle
  • Feel good music that makes me dance when no one is looking
  • Compiling the soundtrack of my life. Spotify for life.
  • Imminent Pub takeover. Fear has slowly morphed into excitement. With a hint of fear.
  • All the sushi.
  • Lunch with my brother and his business partner Joe after an exciting rebrand meeting with John Wilson!
  • Riding a motorbike. Wonderful.
  • Any time spent with my wife Max. Her being away for a few days made me realise how painfully I miss her and eagerly await her return.
  • Being given the opportunity to write a TILT which made me realise that, in the greater scheme of things, life is pretty damn good
  • But most of all. My kitties! Rupert and Gorg (pictured) who love each other and us uncondtionally!

Things I Love Thursday: Guest Edition (Maxine)

It’s time for another Guest TILT! Today, I’m very pleased to present a (massive) list of things that my wonderful friend Maxine has loved this week. Max is one of the loveliest, jolliest + kindest people I know, and she’s also an excellent baker/cook, and really knows how to get.things.done.well. Just look at this absolutely stellar TILT:

  • New seasons of some of my favourite TV shows
  • ­Getting to know an awesome set of colleagues at my new job
  • ­Healthy, happy additions to the family
  • The first rain storm of September…
  • ­…and that means POMEGRANATES!
  • ­Boardgames for two
  • ­Unexpected evenings in
  • ­Starting to dress just a little bit more like a grown up
  • ­Laser tag!
  • ­Getting to pick my own silly name for laser tag (FEAR THE MAXINATOR)
  • ­Spending time with my uncontrollably adorable nephew
  • ­Waking up to find a kitty sharing my pillow
  • Planning hypothetical holidays
  • Researching family history
  • ­Bantering with patrons at The Pub (shameless plug: visit The Pub)
  • The (heavily obstructed) view of Valletta from my desk
  • ­Valletta by night.
  • ­Bonding time with my mum!
  • ­Swapping stressful morning drives to work for a bus ride with my book
  • ­The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch
  • ­The ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ soundtrack
  • ­Music playlists by Jenny <3 who should give up this tawdry life and just go work for Spotify
  • ­Going to the cinema with my favourite people and eating their nachos
  • ­So much sushi
  • ­Even more sushi
  • ­Basically enough sushi that I personally cause a worldwide rice shortage
  • Srirachaaaaaa (available at the Asian Food Store in Gżira)
  • ­Cheesy 80s hair metal… and having someone to shamelessly air guitar with
  • ­Re­watching the sci­fi movies of my youth
  • ­… and focusing on the gleeful nostalgia rather than the corny dialogue and shoulder­pads­aplenty
  • The ferry from Sliema to Valletta
  • ­Getting ready to take over a business!
  • ­Playlists full of songs I can belt out in the car
  • Punctuation. I suppose there’s a reason I’m a content writer.
  • ­My husband. He is fluffy. Fluffy things are more lovable, it’s a fact.

Things I Love Thursday: Guest Edition (AnnaMaria)

It’s time for another Guest TILT! “SO SOON?” you might ask? The past week has involved a lot of thesis work and anxiety, and so I’ve roped in another of my closest people to contribute a Guest TILT. It’s a deliciously lovely one this week – it’s by one of my absolute favourite people in the universe: Anna! She’s the sweetest, cleverest, most encouraging person ever, and I love her to bits. AND she sends me the best cat gifs, so she must be top-notch. Over to Anna!

  • Being invited to write a Guest TILT for this blog. What an honour!
  • Claire becoming a Notary AND nearing the end of a gruelling few months. I’m so pleased and proud.
  • My favourite married couple celebrating their one-year anniversary last Sunday <3
  • Coming home to my brave little cat, Terry, who powers on despite her poor health
  • My brilliant dad submitting his LL.M. thesis
  • Slowly adapting to a better, healthier lifestyle
  • Getting a few dreaded appointments out of the way
  • My extraordinary grandmother
  • Family in general, with all its ups and downs
  • Sweet and caring colleagues
  • Many happy times with special friends
  • My boyfriend. He’s the best, for a million and one reasons.
  • The World According to Bob – my boyfriend bought it for me as a little treat and I’ve savoured every word
  • Animal shelters
  • Fresh orange juice (if pressed, I’d sooner give up whisky)
  • Green tea
  • My Nexus
  • Hilarious gifs of Maru the Cat 
  • Summertime. FINALLY.

Things I Love Thursday: Guest Edition (Annelise)

It’s time for another Guest TILT! I’m Very Busy writing my thesis right now, so I’ve recruited my (most) nearest and dearest to chronicle all her favourite things of the past week. Welcome Annelise, everyone. We’ve been friends since we were eight, and BEST friends since we were 16. Oh yes. I love her oh so much, and she’s got a particularly wonderful TILT for us all this week. She really took it seriously. Enjoy. Over to Annie!

I’ve been asked to contribute towards this blog by offering a guest TILT this week. Awesome Claire is busy thesis-writing so I’m very happy to be of help. Not going to lie – major highlight of my life. So here it goes, hope you enjoy:

  • Planning a fun night out
  • Switching on my laptop in the morning and finding no new emails in my inbox – Bliss (for the total of 2 minutes until I receive an email)
  • Coffee in the morning
  • Coffee at any time of the day
  • Music!
  • Learning lines for a play
  • Have I mentioned preparing a guest TILT?
  • My super amazing Bestie officially being a Warranted Notary!
  • All the drinks and celebrations that ensued due to said notarial amazingness
  • Snapchat
  • Watching football matches
  • Playing football
  • Buying Panini World Cup stickers + the excitement of opening each packet and finding their right place in the album.
  • Everything about the Worldcup being…oh…so…close. Yay!
  • Finding a good parking space in the morning
  • Finishing some work a day in advance of when it is due
  • The beauty of the Valletta Grand Harbour in the morning
  • When my colleague brings along some amazing lunch to work – it’s nice to look away from my boring salad
  • Sharma in Mdina
  • A Sharma dinner with some pretty amazing people
  • Productive meetings with clients, in Italian, and feeling successful/useful afterwards
  • Another awesome colleague bringing leftover Apple Pie to the office and sharing
  • Leftover Sharma food from the night before
  • Wine.
  • Finally renewing my gym membership and actually going to the gym
  • New prospects/plans
  • Kannoli. More specifically kannoli ta’ Elia.
  • Getting housework done, which mostly consisted in sanding a wall.
  • Helping a best friend in said housework in her new house. So happy for her. All the happiness for the future.
  • Juventus lifting a deserved trophy as Italy champions for the third consecutive time. 102 points! New European record. The best, basically (at least on a domestic level).
  • Homemade burgers
  • The Manoel Theatre
  • Watching a new original play in Maltese written/directed by the awesomest local scriptwriter
  • Meeting up with a few of the great friends I’ve made on a short trip to Strasbourg last week
  • My awesome friends
  • My family
  • A pub opening up just for us
  • Chinese take-away (even though the noodles didn’t look very Chinese)
  • Sleeping
  • Productivity
  • Lunch-break walks
  • My awesome workmate
  • Being helpful
  • The gym not being as crowded as predicted
  • Reading judgements from 1902 in Italian and being of actual help to my best friend in her thesis writing
  • Translating Italian text
  • New York Best pizza
  • Sparkling water
  • Giving gifts
  • Time to think
  • This Blog.

Things I Love Thursday: Guest Edition (Jenny)

This week has been a successful recovery from my thesis-writing slump, so I’ve called upon yet another of my dearest friends to contribute their own Guest TILT. This time it’s the amazing + beautiful Jenny:

  • Giving lots of presents last weekend, which everyone loved <3
  • Fun Saturday night drinks with the best of friends (including the lovely Claire, of course)
  • My sister, as a rule. BUT also because she handed in her thesis yesterday and I’m SOPROUD.
  • Surprises during the latest Game of Thrones episode! As I’ve read the books I know what’s going to happen (and all the spoilers and stuff), but this non-book development was veeeery interesting.
  • Arsenal winning their match by 3-0 (YAY) and getting thismuchcloser to Champions League football next season, squee!
  • Pilates, and my wonderful instructor.
  • Wine. Just saying.
  • Mid-week shopping. Oh YISSSSS.
  • No work till Monday. OH YISSSSS (take 2).
  • My wonderful best friend (there’s a metaphorical gun pointed to my head based on whether she’d make my TILT or not)
  • Curating Spotify playlists. Nothing gets me through my workdays better.

Things I Love Thursday: Guest Edition (Philip)


This week, I’ve jetted off to Rome for a few days with my bestie – so, while I’m stuffing myself with gelato and ancient architecture, I’ve roped in another of my closest minions to compile their own Guest TILT for the week. This time, it’s my dear friend and loyal reader, Philip. Over to him:

  • TILT. After years of obsessively poring over Claire’s TILTs, gagging for a mention, I am now – briefly but gloriously – the king.
  • Finding time to sit in the sun with a beer and a book
  • Getting my groove back with a good stand-up gig
  • Receiving the script for my first ever role in a Maltese-language play. At the Manoel, no less.
  • Finishing Breaking Bad, mere months after the rest of the world.
  • Eating kangaroo carpaccio and wild boar at Rebekah’s in Mellieħa, like I’m some sort of motherfucking French aristocrat. But with a discount card, because I’m not.
  • My girlfriend, for being a kick-ass lawyer and for threatening me with bodily harm if I didn’t mention her.
  • Claire, for giving me this opportunity. It has been everything I dreamed and more.

Things I Love Thursday: Guest Edition (David)


Since I’m currently in the middle of my notarial warrant exam (a beast of an exam that’s 18 hours long over the course of two days), I’ve invited a guest ‘TILT-er’ – if you will – to compile their own TILT for my blog this week. The first guest is my lovely boyfriend, Dave. Over to him:

  • My girlfriend doing well in her notarial exams
  • Warmer weather
  • Change
  • Zeppoli
  • Public holidays
  • Designing online posters for my band’s gig at Rookies on Friday at midnight
  • Shameless plugs
  • Sleep
  • Getting my first paycheque from my new workplace
  • Discovering there are a couple of photos in which I look good