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January 2015 Favourites <3

Wow. I’ve almost hit ONE MONTH IN LUXEMBOURG. Capital letters are necessary, people. It’s quite a daunting fact that I’ve moved away from Malta and lived in a totally new country for four weeks now, and I still need to adjust and settle a bit more, but, mostly, everything is fantastic. I’m ridiculously happy when it snows, I’m overwhelmed by the warm welcome I’ve received, and I went to a LUSH bloggers’ event this week. (Come on, people.)

Pictured favourites of the month!

  • The snow! – I LOVE IT. (Not when it’s like a slushie, though.)
  • A feminist T-shirt – I had mentioned in my Christmas wishlist that I really wanted a feminism-related T-shirt, and my wonderful friend Anke sent me one for Christmas! I love it.
  • A Diptyque candle (Feu de Bois) – I bought this for myself as a reward for getting through a particularly gruelling day. It’s so expensive but so divine. I love candles and have had one burning almost constantly throughout January.
  • A New Look dress (similar) – this was a Christmas present from my (excellent) friend Anna. I love how comfortable it is, but I feel like the shape of it is really smart and flattering. It was the perfect Christmas present, Anna-face! <3
  • LUSH Full of Grace serum – the loveliest LUSH employee recommended this a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been adoring it. I apply it every morning to my bare face and it hydrates and softens my skin so much – I sometimes even skip my moisturiser after using this.
  • LUSH Peace massage bar – this melts in your hand and has the most luxurious, delicate scent. I rub it against my bumpy bits and it starts to melt when it feels your body heat. Lovely.
  • Nutella – we’ve consumed jars of Nutella this month. So much so that we had to buy a particularly big one last time we popped into a supermarket. I
  • Delhaize microwave popcorn – this is a bit of a random one, but I went shopping on an empty stomach a few days ago (bad, I know), and I got a huge craving for microwave popcorn. I got the cheapest store-brand variety, and it was SO GOOD to eat while watching Suits this week. There were only a few unpopped kernels, and the popcorn itself was delicious and not too salty.

Other favourites:

I could go on and on forever listing all the little things that I’ve been loving about Luxembourg. I’ll put up another first impressions/first month update post soon.

February is usually my least favourite month of the year (awkward, cold, slow), but I’m guessing it will be an exciting one this year. Hope everyone is having a marvellous weekend.