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June 2015 Favourites <3

These monthly favourites are a little later than usual – but they’re here! I’ve been very busy with music festivals, and I’m a little addicted to live music now. The list of absolutely excellent bands and artists that I have seen over the past few days is endless, and my most recent Google search was “music festivals in Germany”, because I just want to go on another music festival this summer. June was full of travel and quite a bit of work, and July has already kicked off with a disastrous heatwave in Luxembourg (it’s awful when you don’t have air-conditioning or a fan).

Pictured favourites:

  • The Martian by Andy Weir – I finished this book in June and while I was NOT a fan of the protagonist, I did thoroughly enjoy the story, because space is one of my favourite settings in films and books.
  • Parker Pyne Investigates by Agatha Christie – I read this between acts at Rock Werchter, and it was the perfect book for a festival, with each short chapter dealing with a different case.
  • Notebook – I bought this from the Pompidou in Metz, and it’s sturdy and colourful and lined.
  • Acqua di Parma (Gelsomino Nobile) – I bought this perfume for myself when I got my notarial warrant. It’s the best.
  • Barry M Gelly Hi Shine nail polish – A lovely nail polish which withstands a lot.
  • The new Venture magazine at the Departures Lounge at the Malta International Airport – I write an article each edition about the food available in the outlets in the lounge, and it’s been so much fun to discover all the delicious food and drink, and to meet all the lovely people who work there. If you’re ever in the departures lounge, do pick up a copy (and my top food tip from my last trip there would be the Costa Coffee caramel shortbread – it doesn’t look too impressive, but it seriously melts.in.your.mouth.).

Other favourites:

  • The best weekend home in Malta
  • Rock Werchter (and SO many artists/bands)
  • Rock-a-Field (Kate Tempest! Bastille! Alt-J! MUSE.)
  • National Day in Luxembourg
  • New friends
  • Slash
  • Going on an audition and doing well (and meeting wonderful people)
  • My two best friends who seriously keep me sane, even thousands of kilometres away
  • A giant impulse buy

Hope everyone has a lovely July.

June 2014 Favourites <3

June 2014 Favourites

June has been a special month. It was chock-full of surprises and happy times. I’ve started a new job and I absolutely adore it. I have new (much shorter) hair, and I’ve had some lovely times with friends and my boyfriend. The final touches to my thesis have been implemented (PHEW.) and I officially give it in today.

Some favourites from the month!:

Other favourites:

  • The Grand Budapest Hotel – what a beautiful film. Watch it.
  • #BookADay – I’ve loved posting photos of books all throughout the month. Check my posts out on Instagram.
  • Indian food – always delicious
  • My nearest and dearest, as well as a few new people in my life this month. There are lots of lovely people everywhere.
  • FINISHING MY FINAL DOCTOR OF LAWS EXAM. (Apart from the thesis viva…) It went surprisingly well too.
  • Toasties
  • Feminism
  • Books, as always
  • Orange is the New Black
  • Dresses
  • Reign

July is going to include a trip to Gozo and a trip to Cyprus, as well as more work and some proofreading jobs. There’s also going to be one of those Book Depository 25-hour sales on 1 July. I’m so, so excited.