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LUSH Christmas 2016 range – It’s in the Air!


One of the best things about Christmastime is back. LUSH always come out with their best stuff towards Christmas, so when I was invited to their LUSH Blog Party at LUSH Luxembourg, I was so chuffed that I could go. As always, they greeted us with delicious nibbles and drinks, and showed us all the beautiful new products. I mean, just look at that igloo made of colourful soap!


The ever-wonderful LUSH staff presented the new Christmas range through an adorable Christmas story, which involved a Santasaurus (seen at the top of this post) going on a journey. They really got into it, including a full-on preview of the magnificent Papa Noël face jelly:


Here are the amazing products I left LUSH with (and I’ve already used most of them!):



Basically, LUSH products are highly recommended as Christmas presents, or treats for yourself. Remember to keep an eye out for their Boxing Day sale as well.

A lovely LUSH-ified Mother’s Day

LUSH Mother's Day 2016

The Mother’s Day range has come out once again at LUSH, and since Luxembourg celebrates Mother’s Day next Sunday, I thought I’d write a little post about these truly lovely products/gifts just before it’s Mother’s Day over here.

Not all of the pictured items are from the Mother’s Day collection, because I also picked up a few other bits – like the Rehab shampoo on the top left (it’s got another name in French), and the Thanks Dad soap, for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law who just became parents (so they deserved a little treat). I also bought the new Smuggler’s Soul scrub for my boyfriend.

Here are some products from the Mother’s Day range which I can’t wait to try out:

  • Ladybird bubble bar – minty and fresh, and can last for several baths.
  • Rose Bombshell bath bomb – this is my favourite. The smell of roses in this is absolutely heavenly. I need to keep this one for a special bath on a very tough day.
  • Yummy Mummy shower gel – a repeat from last year’s range, and a very sweet-smelling shower gel with the best colour.
  • Flowering Tea bubble bar (bath dunk) – oh my. This one is special. It’s a giant tea-bag-shaped bubble bar, which allegedly spews flowers once it melts down enough. Very much looking forward to this one.

Hope you love the purple-and-Mother’s-Day themed products at LUSH right now. You don’t need me to tell you this, but they make great presents, particularly when the person is a little stressed out at the moment. Hint hint. Nudge nudge. Buy me LUSH stuff. <3

LUSH Oxford Street

LUSH Oxford Street

I visited the LUSH store on Oxford Street, London. It was absolutely mind-blowing. THREE FLOORS of LUSH products and beautiful shop assistants. I spent waahaaay too much time in there, and finally calmed down a little when a shop assistant called Becca asked me whether I was looking for something in particular. So I told her that I just wanted to look at some mostly-Oxford-Street-only products. 30 minutes later, I was armed with a bunch of beautiful products (sadly, my tiny hand-luggage-only travelling situation precluded me from buying much more… Well, there’s always NEXT TIME).

These are the products I picked up:

  • Jersey Bounce shampoo – I haven’t tried this yet, but its smell was too enticing, and I had to buy it. It was described to me as “Like Big” (which I love) “but more moisturising”. Sounds fantastic.
  • T’eo solid deodorant – I’ve actually used this every single day since I bought it. It’s smell wakes me up (in a soothing way) and it seems to do the job perfectly well.
  • Avocado Co-Wash solid shampoo – This is a conditioning shampoo which smells absolutely divine (limey, but very sweet too). It doesn’t lather too well for me, so maybe I’m not using it super correctly, but smells good enough for me to look forward to using it every time I need to wash my hair. Probably wouldn’t re-purchase it, though.
  • Shark-Infested Custard bath oil – I haven’t used this yet, but I really wanted to buy a bath oil, and I asked for the one that’s most moisturising. It looks SO COOL as well. Not recommended for my readers in warm climates, though, unless you’re going to use it immediately (it melts at body temperature).
  • Gold FUN – I had never been too interested in trying LUSH’s FUN bars. They seemed cute for children, but nothing I would probably want to use myself. OH, HOW WRONG I WAS. HOW VERY, VERY WRONG. I am a complete convert – this play-doh-like soap lathers up beautifully and smells so good. It leaves my skin super soft and I’m already planning my next FUN purchase (I’ve already used this one up almost completely).

LUSH products are (clearly) always a good idea. Now I need to use everything up. So that I can buy more LUSH stuff. Oh yes.

Perfect festive gifts at LUSH

LUSH Christmas 2015 products

The Christmas range at LUSH is always very, very exciting. LUSH Luxembourg threw a fabulous bloggers’ party a few weeks ago to show us all their new products, and I am beyond obsessed with their beautiful offerings this year.

The products in our goody bag included:

  1. Fairy Dust dusting powder – freshening shimmery powder to dust on before a festive party or even just a dreary afternoon.
  2. Santa Baby lip tint – the perfect festive red which lasts all day.
  3. Butterbear bath bomb – I actually MADE this bad boy during the bloggers’ party. His nose is made out of actual cocoa powder, and its smell evokes cosy, hot chocolate-y, buttery hugs.
  4. Santa’s Belly shower jelly – shower jellies always make me laugh as I rub them over my body in the shower. AND THIS ONE HAS RED WINE IN IT.
  5. Yog Nog bath bomb – spicy toffee goodness.
  6. Five Gold Rings bubble bar(s) – this is what I’d call a Christmas bath product which is on point. So much glitter. So little time.
  7. Peeping Santa bubble bar – this guy is the cutest. And he smells so fruity!
  8. Star Dust bath bomb – not a strong one, seems like it would be very soothing.
  9. The Magic of Christmas reusable bubble bar – THIS. This one is too special. At the end of an actual(!) cinnamon stick is a reusable bubble bar of wonder. Includes some ridiculous bells.

We also got to try some glorious products for the face – including the Cranberry festive face mask and the Bûche de Noël cleanser.

LUSH Christmas face products

There was another special surprise at the bloggers’ party… a GRAND prize…

LUSH blog party gifts

Each blogger chose a Christmas cracker at random…

LUSH winning cracker

AND MINE WAS THE WINNING ONE. I still can’t believe it. I won the super-mega grand prize: a 12 Days of Christmas gift set!

I was (and still am!) flabbergasted. It’s the most wonderful gift set, and would be exceedingly perfect for the LUSH lover in your life.

It includes: a Butterbear bath bomb, a Holly Golightly bubble bar (glitter alert!), an Avobath bath bomb, The Comforter shower cream, Celebrate body lotion (a huge favourite of mine), Yuzu and Cocoa shower gel (chocolate orange heaven – I can’t wait to use this one!), Five Gold Rings bubble bar(s), a Cinders bath bomb (a classic), Yog Nog soap (this smells AMAZING), a Snow Angel bath melt, a Golden Wonder bath bomb (possibly my most favourite LUSH product ever!), and a Dashing Santa bath bomb. Wow!

LUSH 12 Days of Christmas

TL;DR – the LUSH Christmas range is fantastic. Buy everything.

I also paid a visit to the LUSH Oxford Street flagship store a few weeks ago… Wait for a post about that too ;)

Violets and nuns, oh my! (The LUSH Mother’s Day range.)

Claire Bonello LUSH

LUSH warms the cockles of my heart. It’s such a fun, good company, with excellent products and lovely staff. This week, I headed off to a bloggers’ event where we all discovered the new Mother’s Day range. (PS: yes, I know, Mother’s Day was last Sunday in Malta, and even earlier in other parts of the world, but in Luxembourg, it’s much later, in June.) The event was top-notch, as usual, (they even gave us gorgeous fresh flowers for our hair! And the LUSH representatives were kind enough to translate all their beautiful French explanations into English for poor little me) and I emerged with such a feel-good feeling.

Mostly due to the delicious strawberry concoction (above) and the delicious nibbles (below). Oh my, I must have had about five desserts. So good.

LUSH Mother's Day nibbles

The LUSH team are the kindest with bloggers, and sent us all home with a giant bag full of wonderful stuff from the Mother’s Day range. Clockwise from the top: Ultraviolet bubble bar, Yummy Mummy shower gel, Yummy Mummy body conditioner, Kerbside Violet solid perfume, and the Mother Superior bubble bar.

LUSH Mother's Day 2015

My favourites have to be the beautiful purple-y Yummy Mummy shower gel, and the hilarious Mother Superior bubble bar. Apart from looking amazing, they also smell out-of-this-world wonderful, and after a couple of hours at a LUSH shop, I practically radiated a fresh LUSH scent out of my pores. (I loved it.)

LUSH Mother's Day range

I had the best time with my sweet Luxembourg friends. Below, I’m posing with the lovely Betty and my best Luxembourg friend, Valentina. (My dress is from Zara.)

LUSH Betty Valentina Claire

It was a fabulous event, and I can’t wait to use up all my new products. I also picked up the Mask of Magnaminty (after trying out a sample a few weeks ago and loving it), and I became slightly obsessed with one of their new fragrances, All Good Things (it smells smokey yet sweet like candy floss – amazing) – I must save up for it ASAP.

And now our bathroom is a little overwhelmed by LUSH products… Oh well. ;)

LUSH 2013 Boxing Day Sale Haul

LUSH Boxing Day Sale Haul 1

Last year’s LUSH Boxing Day haul post is one of the most popular on my blog, and with good reason, because LUSH products are awesome and a LUSH haul is easily one of the best posts to read, ever. This year, again, on Boxing Day morning, I was quick with my clicking towards the UK LUSH website to nab some sale goodies (at 50% off!). The bunch above is the entirety of my haul, and I’m so excited about all the products!

Firstly, I got a little pot of Santa’s lip scrub, which smells like sweet cola, and is the absolute best lip scrub you can ever wish for. Lip scrubs are really easy to make from scratch (oil and sugar), but the LUSH lip scrubs are too lovely to pass up. This one even had little red hearts in the mixture, awwh.

I also got a little bottle of I Love Juicy shampoo, which is supposed to be a great cleansing shampoo, and I really look forward to try it out and see how it works with removing build up and all the gunk of products in my hair.

LUSH Boxing Day Sale Haul 2

Lastly, I splurged a little on the Winter Garden bauble gift set, which is such a lovely bundle of products. It contained a little bottle of Rose Jam shower gel, and I’ve already spoken about how it is one of my current favourite products. There was also a tiny sample of the Helping Hands hand cream (which is really nice), and a tub of Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner (which I’ve been wanting to try for over a year). Finally, I got a huge slab of Sultana of Soap, which is so creamy, and I hope I get to use it ASAP (even though I have a million and one other things for the shower which need to be used up).

I love LUSH. So much. Especially their Christmas stuff. Especially on sale. Mmm.