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The Luxembourg City Film Festival: Reviewed

Cinema is quickly becoming one of my most favourite media. Yes, I read a lot of books, and I watch a lot of TV shows and a lot of YouTube channels, but films have slowly started to increasingly interest me as a story form. A whole idea, style and story are bundled up into 1.5-3 hours, and they’re (usually) presented as a feast for all the senses.

Within the first 24 hours of moving to Luxembourg, I visited one of the cinemas in the city, and watched a film (in English!). It was delightfully calming to be in a dark room, in this strange foreign country, watching a film – I could have been anywhere, and that thought was very soothing. Then, between 26 February and 8 March, the city hosted the Luxembourg City Film Festival, and my boyfriend and I purchased two festival passes (a steal at 20EUR each), and watched a total of 14 (FOURTEEN) films during the entire festival. It was possibly quite the overdose of films, but overall great fun. I was quite surprised by the final awards (although I only saw two of the films that won an award), but I thought I’d give you a quick review of my thoughts regarding the entire festival, as well as each of the films I watched.

Best cinema: I watched films at both the Cinémathèque and Ciné Utopia, but the latter will always be my favourite (even if the former does have quite a bit of its own charm).

Best snacks: I still can’t understand how some cinemas don’t have popcorn (it’s probably that darn Americanisation my mind has absorbed over the years…), but it was glorious to munch on a giant pretzel at the Cinémathèque, and a pomegranate and cranberry soft drink or a white chocolate milk shake and a hot quiche at Ciné Utopia. One of the most upsetting moments of the festival for me was probably when the person at the snacks station at Ciné Utopia looked at me pleadingly when I asked her for a white chocolate milkshake, and then suggesting that I don’t order it, clearly because she didn’t feel like making one. It broke my little heart. Then, later on, my boyfriend managed to get TWO white chocolate milkshakes (from the other person at the snacks station) – so that was a mini-victory right there.

Female protagonists: EVERYWHERE. I loved this. I’m having a real “moment” with female protagonists lately, especially in my books, TV shows, and films, so this recurring feature was very pleasing to me.

Read more about the films I watched below:

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