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LUSH Valentine’s Party

Yesterday evening I was supremely lucky to go along to the #LUSHblogparty at the Luxembourg City branch of LUSH. There we had an absolutely lovely evening, where I got to meet a lot of Luxembourg bloggers and discover lots of new (and old) LUSH products.

If you’ve read my blog (or know me) at all, you’ll know that I’m quite a big LUSH fan. This event was quite the dream come true, and the little team at LUSH seriously outdid themselves. They greeted us with Prince Charming cocktails (WHAT.) and there was even a presentation (in English! Phew.) about the wonderful brand and the Valentine’s range. Look at that Floating Flower bath bomb. So pretty.

Floating Flower bath bomb

My love for this brand increased tenfold last night (how.), especially when I learned about all the good stuff LUSH does. They support their suppliers, their distributors, their branches, all over the world. The one titbit of information which struck me the most, however, was that the little packing peanuts they use in their gift boxes are made of corn and are technically edible.  Luckily, I didn’t need to resort to eating any packing peanuts last night, because the little spread that was available was hella delicious.

LUSH blog party nibbles

We even made super-super-fresh face masks (WHICH WE GOT TO TAKE HOME) – the smell of fresh blueberries was unreal.

Catastrophe Cosmetic

The whole evening was so much fun, and apart from the very kind gifts and surprises that they sent us off with (all of which I was about to purchase myself…), I also bought a few other bits that were ahem totally necessary and required in my life and for my survival. Yeah.

LUSH blog party haul

The Unicorn Horn bubble bar – this is hilarious and gorgeous to look at, but also creates some serious bubbles with a calming lavender-y smell. The best thing is that this will last several baths (maybe up to six if I really stretch it). And baths are pretty much mandatory + required in a snowy country. (I was also really impressed by the Love Locket bath bomb, which is a massive bath bomb which you break and in which you’ll find ANOTHER heart-shaped bath bomb. Then you pop it into a hot bath and tiny little pink candy hearts start emerging! Look at the link for a demo.)

Prince Charming shower gel – no way did I think I was going to like this. When they demo-ed this in the shop, the softness of my hands after using it was really surprising. Then they kindly popped a little bottle in our bags to take home, and I used it during my shower this morning. Verdict: AMAZING. It has a pleasant grapefruit-y scent with some serious softening properties.

Crown and Glory purple glittery heart hair clip – this was a little non-LUSH bonus gift that is perfect for a purple-loving brunette like me.

L’Oracle (or Vanishing Cream) face moisturiser – I needed a new moisturiser for my face, and I asked for a hydrating one – this ticked a lot of boxes and smells beautiful.

Kalamazoo beard cream/wash – I bought this for Dave, my boyfriend, after reading about it on a blog post by another blogger in Luxembourg who had recommended it. After showing this to Dave, he asked me to pick up a tub for him. He used it this morning, and the verdict seems to be good.

Eau Roma toner water – I’ve always wanted to try one of the toner face sprays by LUSH, and after smelling this one last night, I decided to pop it into my basket as well. It’s lovely to spritz onto the face before applying moisturiser, or whenever the face needs a little pick-me-up to feel refreshed.

The Kiss lip gloss – you don’t often see lip glosses in little tubs, but this one is special. I tried it in the shop last night (at the perfect moment, when my lips had started feeling a bit chapped), and it was really lovely and silky. Softening, with a pleasant smell, and a slight pinky tint.

Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh face mask – that’s the one which we made in the shop last night. I popped it onto my face this morning, and the fresh blueberry mixture was an absolute treat.

Cupid’s Love soap – I haven’t bought or used a LUSH soap in ages (I used to use them almost every single day a few years ago… I think my favourite was Northern Lights), so it was lovely to get a bar of fresh soap yesterday. The smell of this particular soap lingers on your skin and I could even smell it from inside its packaging inside the LUSH bag while it was in my kitchen.

There was even a crown made of massive fresh roses and a Polaroid camera at the blog party – I’m seriously going to treasure that little photo so.much. I loved the whole evening, the lovely products I’m using, and LUSH in general.

(PS: Now I’m seriously aiming to put some of what I earn on the next proofreading job I finish to go towards this fabulous moisturiser. (I think it’s called Gorgeous in the UK.) I tried it in the shop and, while a little expensive, it is absolutely perfect. I’m also aching to buy one of these massage bars, once I finish the one I’m currently using.)

(PPS: While I’m ridiculously lucky and blessed to have an absolutely amazing boyfriend/life partner/adventurer-friend, we never celebrate Valentine’s Day because, well, it’s his birthday. So it’s understandable. But, Dave, if you’re reading this, any LUSH product is perfectly fine as a surprise present during any day of the year. So, yeah. Laaahve youuuuuuu.)

Luxembourg Second/Third Week Update

I’ve been in Luxembourg for almost three weeks now, and it’s time for another update, especially since I’ve had so many new first impressions over the past week.

  1. IKEA! It was our first trip to IKEA a couple of Saturdays ago, and after over 9 hours, we were well and truly pooped. BUT we now have a table and some chairs and I am blogging and working from somewhere other than our air bed. It’s lovely.
  2. Freelance work! After the December drought, it’s definitely deadline season again, and proofreading jobs have been flooding in like crazy. At least I’m earning my keep.
  3. Job hunting! This has been quite crazy over the past week and a half. I’ve gone on a big interview, I’ve met with a local law firm, I’ve worked on my (legal) French. Fingers crossed!
  4. Language! I really need to take formal French lessons, because I hate that most of the French I’m using is simply: Parlez-vous anglais s’il vous plait? And over the past few days I’ve definitely heard an increase of other languages, mostly Luxembourgish and Portuguese. Oh, the confusion.
  5. Washing machine woes! I am notoriously nervous when it comes to using a washing machine, and rightly so, it seems. I washed some towels and dish cloths last week. One of the towels was a new, bright blue one. Everything has a blue tinge now. KMN.
  6. Pet cat update! I haven’t gotten my boyfriend on board regarding my desire to rescue an old lazy cat (yet), but we did buy a pet cactus this week. His name is Clive.
  7. New people! I get anxiety x a million whenever I speak to new people, and over the next week or so I’m “putting myself out there” (although I’m mostly just ridiculously excited about a LUSH bloggers’ event I’m going to in a week’s time).
  8. LUSH – I went to the LUSH shop in the city centre, and it was a seriously magical experience. The lovely lady spoke to me in perfect English and helped me out with all my questions, and wasn’t at all pushy (which would have been a sure-fire way for me to run away). I left with a massive bag of products (at 50% off!!!!!!!!).
  9. Books! I popped into a bookshop a few days ago, and I found a wall covered in English books! It was glorious. I bought The Narrow Road to the Deep North, so so so totally overpriced (about 8EUR over the Book Depository price…), but now it has special sentimental value. so it was worth it.
  10. Trier, Germany! We visited this beautiful city last weekend, and I adored it. I can’t wait to explore more of the region.

So much more adjusting needs to be done, but I’m loving it. IT’S SNOWING SO MUCH RIGHT NOW.

Sunday Photo Mishmash: first week in Luxembourg!

I’ve officially spent a week in Luxembourg! This morning I heard mass in Luxembourgish/French/don’t-know-what-else again, and it was a lovely marker for my one-week-in-Lux. It’s crazy that just over a week ago I was living regular life in Malta, and now I’m in the middle of Europe with a little life to carve out here.

Above: an airport goodbye with close friends.

Below: WE WENT TO IKEA FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. Our lovely (ever-so-patient) friend drove us to the Belgian border, where there’s a massive IKEA. We spent over 9 hours there. It was crazy, beautiful, and exhausting. Our relationship was très tested, but we survived, and have a table, chairs, two bookcases, and about a million other knick-knacks to assemble and put in place.

We also tried the world-famous Swedish meatballs. They were awesome.

This week also included a lot of settling in, exploring, visiting the city centre’s shops (OMG LUSH) – post soon, a huge amount of urgent proofreading, and shopping. Lots to look forward to next week (especially once we buy a drill and are able to assemble our table, chairs, and bookcases…).

Have a lovely Sunday!

I’m in Luxembourg!

I’m here! I’m in Luxembourg City, and it’s so cold.

I arrived on Saturday night, and my boyfriend and I moved into our (very unfurnished) flat straight away. We went to an Italian restaurant for dinner, and were lucky enough to have the company and assistance of a Maltese friend to pick us up from the train station and drive us around for urgent little errands.

First 48-hour observations:

  1. It’s cold. It feels like Iceland-cold. My face hurts sometimes. If my fingers aren’t in gloves, the bones start to hurt almost immediately. I need my thermal long-sleeved vest. Sitting on bus stops and waiting for buses isn’t unbearable, but it’s very cold.
  2. They use so many different languages here. I’ve heard Luxembourgish, Italian, French, English, and (possibly) German. Mostly French, though. (Phew.) We heard mass yesterday and it was half in Luxembourgish and half in French, and included songs in German (I think – it might have been Luxembourgish), French, and English (OH HAPPY DAY).
  3. I still need to register as a resident. I still need a bank account. I still need a mobile phone line. Aaaaaaargh.
  4. HEMA is a lovely shop with a lot of pretty things. Saturn is an electronics-type shop with ALL THE MOST EXCITING ELECTRONICS EVER, I WANT EVERYTHING.
  5. Furniture-shopping is daunting. We haven’t bought anything yet (although we really, really need a table and a couple of chairs). (We’re using a couple of borrowed stools, and a box as a table, and our air-mattress, and we have a wardrobe which we bought from the previous tenants.)
  6. I really want to adopt a cat. A really old, lazy one. I should probably give it a few weeks/months (to make sure that I’m sticking to this country for a while, and won’t be abandoning any animals), but there are so many cats-in-windows around our flat, and I’m aching for a little furry friend that we can rescue.
  7. Our apartment is really well connected when it comes to buses – and I’m so thankful for that. It’s very easy to get around, and there are several bus stops nearby.
  8. This place is so expensive. Everything seems to be double the cost you’d pay in Malta. For example, a plate of pasta at a regular restaurant is 13-18EUR, and a day bus ticket is 4EUR. No wonder the salaries are so high here.
  9. I’m very scared about life here, but I’m also very excited about all the new opportunities and possibilities.
  10. I think I’m going to like the shops here – especially the supermarkets (casual Foie Gras sections in the fridges…). (Also: H&M, Sephora, and LUSH. a 15-minute walk/bus-ride away.)

More updates, soon!

A Big Announcement

Let’s go back to this post from 2011. I’m very, very much still a ship. And this time, I’m as confident and excited as ever. The unknowns are huger, and that makes me smile even more. So many wonderful opportunities to learn are ahead of me, and so many AMAZING unthinkably-beautiful moments await.

I’m very much moving into the unknown, yes. But isn’t that the appeal? The thrill of it?

Essentially: I’m moving to Luxembourg in January. This blog is about to get greener/more snowy/more about mainland-Europe. I’m so excited.