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May 2015 Favourites <3

May! It’s been a very, very busy month, but full of fun and adventure. A German friend visited, and we went on a couple of day trips in the Luxembourgish countryside, we went on a long-weekend trip to Antwerp (in Belgium), and we visited a lovely local market too. Work has been absolutely non-stop hectic, but I’ve had a lot of fun with a variety of super-super-interesting stuff.

Pictured favourites:

  • The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins – I’m still halfway through this book, but hoping to finish it soon. It’s a great read – a flowing thriller. I hope its ending is good.
  • Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – an AMAZING book. It was a birthday present from my best friend Annelise, and it opened my MIND and was just a fascinating read. So beautiful.
  • We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – I read this teensy book on a 15-minute bus ride (this was a present from my other best friend, Anna) and it’s clearly required reading for everyone. I wish I could set out my thoughts and arguments as clearly as this woman.
  • Nux nut spreads (cashew dream) – I bought a 4-pack of these amazing nut spreads at a local market a week ago, but the absolute highlight was the cashew nut version. I would like a 1kg version of it, ASAP. (It’s actually sold out right now, which causes me a lot of sadness.)
  • Shu Uemura eyelash curlers – game.changers. I’ve always used an eyelash curler, but I’ve been using the same ones for about 10 years (ick, I know – although I used to change the refillable pads, at least). Now I have shiny new ones, and they’re amazing. I’m wide-eyed and happy.
  • Promod handbag – I desperately needed a little handbag to carry essentials. It has tassels and goes with everything. I love it.

Other favourites:

June will include quite a bit of travelling, and more proofreading (although work should die down a little after being hectic-hectic-hectic for a couple of months). I’m off to Malta for a wedding, and then off to Rock Werchter(!!) – can’t wait.

Hope everyone has a splendid June! Get yourself to the beach while it’s still refreshing ;)

May 2014 Favourites! <3

May 2014 Favourites

And May is over. Madness. I’ve spent a whole month seriously hard at work on my thesis, and I’ve thankfully had my extension request approved, so I can brush it up at my own pace. Let’s get straight into the favourites.


  • Dior Addict Lip Glow – the perfect lip product. It’s SO expensive, but SO worth it. Try it. It’s a clear balm that CHANGES COLOUR on your lips and gives them such a glow. Urgh, I love it.
  • Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell – I didn’t love this as much as Eleanor & Park, but it was still really lovely. I wish these books existed when I was a teenager!
  • ESSIE nail polish in Mezmerised (although FeelUnique seems to think it’s called ‘Mezmerize’, oh well) – this is such a beautiful blue colour, and I’m so pleased that my boyfriend got this for me on his recent trip to England.
  • Agatha Christie books – clearly I’m going through a phase. The one I loved the most (not pictured) is And Then There Were None. SO GOOD.
  • Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell – such a GOOD BOOK. The perfect read to escape my thesis mania.
  • Tanya Burr lip gloss in Aurora – this is the best lip gloss. So beautiful on the lips, such a pretty colour, and smells so yummy. When I first put it on it looks really wrong, but after a few seconds it magically sets in and looks perfect.
  • MAC lipstick in Plumful – this is my first ever MAC lipstick, and it is incredible. The colour really compliments my skin tone, and I’ve loved popping it on if I need to go out in the evening.

Other favourites:

  • I PASSED MY NOTARIAL WARRANT EXAM. It’s not like I haven’t blogged about this fact before, but it’s obvious that it’s going to be in my monthly favourites post. I’m still so pleased – and I can’t wait until I’m actually given the warrant.
  • Street View on Google Maps – whenever I’m bored and need an escape (and I’m not in the mood for reading), I’ve been looking at Street View of a bunch of random places (mostly Iceland or Sweden) on Google Maps. Try it – it’s so cool.
  • My morning routine was published on the lovely Sarah’s blog.
  • Absolutely amazing Guest TILTs.
  • Thesis progress – which has been VAST this month. I’m almost done with a complete, full first draft, and I can barely believe it.
  • I ate a lot of delicious burgers.
  • Weekend fun(!)
  • The Eurovision!
  • Poached eggs – so much.

June promises to include a lot of hard work, but I’m really, really looking forward to seeing the end of it – particularly since it means I’m going to be an actually warranted notary. So soon!