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Music Mondays: of broken hands that could not be

Time spent in Malta is always magical. That first plunge into the sea, driving around, looking at the skyline… it’s always going to be home – no question.

I’ll be back in Luxembourg on Wednesday, so I’ll be enjoying these last two days (for now) in Malta before I’ll be back in the greyness and the cold. Lots of work and exciting things are in my future in Luxembourg, though, so it’s all good.

This song is more fitting for a Luxembourgish afternoon, I guess, but it’s too beautiful not to post today. Hope everyone has a great Monday (it’s a public holiday in Malta – independence, woo!).

{ Jeff Pianki // Paper Window Dreams }

(The playlist.)

Music Mondays: I cut my fingers on the way

I had an early start today, and I’m hoping this will energise me during this short week (for me). After a short trip to Latvia, then I’m off to Malta next week – cannot.wait. It’s properly Autumn here, all of a sudden, with temperatures hovering around 8 or 9 degrees Celsius in the mornings and evenings. I’m not ready for this.

Hope you have a productive, peaceful Monday.

{ Spoon // I Turn My Camera On }

The playlist.

Music Mondays: what were you meant for?

Ahhh. A lovely song for a late Monday morning. It transports me somewhere else.

This week has got to be productive, but I’m also allowing for as much enjoying-summer time as possible, especially since the weather has already started to turn here in Luxembourg. I am 100% not ready for winter.

Hope everyone is having a very bearable Monday. Eat something good today.

{ The Decemberists // Rox in the Box }

PS: the playlist.

Music Mondays: I don’t care if Monday’s blue

I’m in Malta right now, and it’s so.hot. but beautiful. The bridal shower I hosted last night was a roaring success, and today I’m taking it easy after an exhausting couple of days. Being with friends and enjoying Malta (and its food) has been stupendous… although I do need to lock myself indoors for a few hours tomorrow and get some work done.

This song is mostly about a Friday, but let’s ignore that, shall we. Have a lovely Monday night, and a great week!

{ Janet Devlin // Friday I’m in Love (The Cure cover) }

PS: The playlist.