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Autumn 2015 Favourites <3

October, November, December 2015 Favourites

After my awful blog problems this year, I’ve decided to group up my October/November/December favourites into a more general Autumn favourites. These past few months have had their ups and downs – but you could say that it was all eclipsed by the moment when I visited my first Luxembourgish Christmas market, mulled wine in hand, standing in front of a fire, when it started snowing. It was glorious.

Pictured favourites:

Some other favourites:

Hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas.

October 2014 Favourites <3

October 2014 Favourites

October has been fun yet exhausting. I’ve spent most weekends napping, and even though it’s felt like wasted time, it’s been a huge necessity for me to be able to function well during the week. Christmas is close now, though, which is always a happy, busy time. It’s going to be an interesting end-of-year.

On to some favourites!

Other favourites:

Ooooh, November is going to be interesting – and will also finally mark the actual end of the Doctor of Laws course for me, because I finally graduate. FINALLY.

Hope everyone has a splendid month.