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Luxembourg: Two-month update

Yesterday marked my two-monthiversary in Luxembourg. February was a quiet month, but I still had plenty of first impressions of Luxembourg to get under my belt.

  1. Being sick in such a cold country: I spent about a week of February feeling really unwell, and while I didn’t need to go to a doctor (thankfully), it really sucked to have to go outdoors (sometimes it was a necessity) and it being so cold. It really felt like the cold was exacerbating my sickly feelings x100000.
  2. Renting a van is super easy: we rented a van to drive to IKEA in Belgium and back (with all our purchases which fit in perfectly – if we had bought anything else, it wouldn’t have fit), and it was a really easy and pleasant process.
  3. French language lessons: I FINALLY enrolled myself in language lessons, and I’ve had two lessons already. It’s been a lovely experience (I was terrified), and even though I’m a little below the level of what I probably should be for my class (B1.1 – I’m more of an A2.2 right now), the person who assigned me to the level said it would be better for me, and I am finding it quite a challenge, which is good.
  4. Daily life: While I’ve been finding it difficult sometimes to get some structure in my days, I’m loving the proofreading work that I’ve been doing, particularly since I’ve been doing some really varied work (including websites, text in both Maltese and English, job applications, and legal translations).
  5. The Luxembourg City Film Festival: It has been an amazing few days – watching a film or two every evening at the Luxembourg City film festival. It’s been really nice to go out and watch such beautiful films (mostly), and most of them have been in English or else have English subtitles, which is great. We did have to watch one film in Norwegian with French subtitles… but we seemed to have understood most of it anyway.
  6. Spring: I’m so excited for Spring here! It’s also my birthday just before Spring kicks off, so hopefully there will be a few more beautiful days.
  7. Travel: For my boyfriend’s birthday, we caught a bus and visited a little village on the German-Luxembourgish border, just along the Moselle river. It was so picturesque and lovely – even though it was an awfully rainy day. It’s quite amazing that with a small bus ride, you can find yourself in the midst of beautiful countryside.
  8. Post: I thought that coming to live in the middle of Europe will do wonders for my experience with the postal service. Quite the contrary… Mail has been sooooo slowwwww. I can’t understand why things are taking so long to arrive at our address.
  9. Expensive: It’s still quite shocking every day to see how expensive things are in Luxembourg. Restaurants and even general groceries… I think I might go crazy when I’m back in Malta over the next few months – I’m going to want to buy everything!
  10. Night life: Yes, Luxembourg is quite a quiet little city, but I don’t understand the impression that people have incessantly told me that it is boring and nothing happens. There are so many restaurants, and so many events going on! Maybe my interests align with what Luxembourg City has to offer, but I’m loving it. Exit07 has been a particularly favourite discovery this month.

I’m beyond excited about Spring, and also applying for a couple of internships – hoping to perhaps spend a few months being mentored and developing a few skills… I’m loving working for myself, but I do hope to explore other avenues too. It’s both scary and exciting to have so many possibilities before me. Stay tuned. ;)

Sunday Photo Mishmash: first week in Luxembourg!

I’ve officially spent a week in Luxembourg! This morning I heard mass in Luxembourgish/French/don’t-know-what-else again, and it was a lovely marker for my one-week-in-Lux. It’s crazy that just over a week ago I was living regular life in Malta, and now I’m in the middle of Europe with a little life to carve out here.

Above: an airport goodbye with close friends.

Below: WE WENT TO IKEA FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. Our lovely (ever-so-patient) friend drove us to the Belgian border, where there’s a massive IKEA. We spent over 9 hours there. It was crazy, beautiful, and exhausting. Our relationship was très tested, but we survived, and have a table, chairs, two bookcases, and about a million other knick-knacks to assemble and put in place.

We also tried the world-famous Swedish meatballs. They were awesome.

This week also included a lot of settling in, exploring, visiting the city centre’s shops (OMG LUSH) – post soon, a huge amount of urgent proofreading, and shopping. Lots to look forward to next week (especially once we buy a drill and are able to assemble our table, chairs, and bookcases…).

Have a lovely Sunday!

Medley of Miscellany

I’m hoping that there are a lot of mornings like this in my future. Just before plummeting into a day of proofreading, walks, and job-hunting.

Some wise words for graduates of 2014.

I really need to buy a few of these (high-end) multi-use beauty products for on-the-go.

Things that cause anxiety. I am getting anxious just by reading about numbers 1, 3, 7, 13, 18(!), and 26(!!!!!!!!). I just cannot even.

Too many walnuts: this quote is a metaphor for life and EVERYTHING.

How do you feel about coconut oil? I think it’s divine, but I used it on my hair a few weeks ago and I think I went a little overboard, because my hair was a CRAZY OIL SLICK for a few days, until I shampooed the hell out of it.

Hope you have a wonderful day.

Answering some questions

The lovely Dorianne tagged me for a ‘Sunshine Blogger Award’ on her blog a couple of weeks ago. My tasks are to list 11 facts about myself and to answer questions set by Dorianne. (I should also come up with 11 questions myself and tag people – but I’m settling on just answering Dorianne’s questions, and if anyone would like to do the tag, just go ahead and share some facts about yourself on your own blog!) :)

11 facts about myself:

1. I’ve spent the entirety of my adult life (6 and a half years up till now) as a full-time university student.

2. I’m more of a sunset than a sunrise kind of person.

3. I’m a cat person, not a dog person (although some dogs do make my heart go all a-flutter – like corgis) – however, I’d like to have a kitten and a puppy at some point of my life, and have them grow up together and be all adorable and an integral part of my family.

4. History and English literature are my two favourite school subjects.

5. My everyday outfit/uniform has become dress + cardigan + tights (and just “dress” in the summer), so that’s what I’m usually wearing. I think I’ve only worn trousers a handful of times in the past 3 years.

6. I’m a nail biter.

7. Proofreading is one of my favourite activities – I can’t wait to get back into taking a bunch of jobs once my own thesis is ready.

8. One of my favourite vegetables is asparagus.

9. I’m scared about the future, and yet I’m very ambitious (I’d like to live abroad again, have incredibly satisfying jobs, make a lot of money, make the world a better place, write a book or two or seven, and more and more and more).

10. I am a feminist. (Duh.)

11. I’m one of the most reliable people I know.

Answering 11 questions:

1. Name one thing which makes you smile.

Seeing my parents, boyfriend, and close friends genuinely happy.

2. What’s one beauty trend that you just can’t stand?

(Technically a fashion trend, but still sort of on the same vein…) Professional women wearing crazy high heels. I can’t stand groups of lawyers walking around Valletta with the women being held back as they’re trying to keep up due to their ridiculous high heels. No, thank you.

3. Dogs or cats?

Eek, already answered this in my 11 Facts above. Cats.

4. Your best bargain so far?

A lot of things I buy from Primark which turn out to be of really good quality. Whenever that happens, I realise two years later that I’m still wearing the same thing and it’s still in great condition. For example, a duck print dress I bought from Primark a couple of years ago. Still going strong, and I still wear it a few times a month.

5. Your favourite childhood movie?

The Lion King.

6. Who’s your favourite author? (you can only pick one)

Ian McEwan.

7. Have you made any new year’s resolutions for this year?

Not really. My anxiety about the first half of 2014 has prevented me from really making any, as I usually do.

8. What’s something you’ve done that, perhaps, changed your life to the better?

Entered an essay competition which earned me a place at a summer school at the University of Iceland.

9. Which is worse: too much perfume or body odour?

Too much body odour, I guess.

10. If you could be any influential person for a day who would you be and why?

The President of the USA.

11. Something you’re craving for right now?

Deep fried cheese. I’m not the healthiest, am I?


This was great fun.

October Favourites <3

October 2013 Favourites

November is just around the corner, and Christmas is closer than ever (yay!) but that also means that a huger mountain of stress is also closer than ever (*sobs forever*). A month of uni has already gone by, and I’m already highly fed up of most of it. It’s my seventh year at uni. I think I’ve had enough. I’ve mostly had enough of law. Ugh.


The pictured ones:

  • Godiva Dark Chocolate Sea Salt – my Dad has been on another trip to Brussels, and that means, more chocolate! This one is a new favourite – such intense dark chocolate but with the most delicious feeling of salt… mmm.
  • Rimmel London Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal 001 Black – a great black eyeliner. It does transfer a little onto the top part of my eyelids, but that’s probably because I have quite hooded eyelids.
  • Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick – a great, easy glossy lip colour.
  • Elizabeth Arden Cream Lip Protectant Stick (with SPF 15) – I’ve had this for a couple of years and it’s almost finished. It’s so incredibly nourishing and easy to apply. A little expensive to buy on its own, but for me it came in a gift pack I bought, so it was much cheaper.

Other favourites:

  • Cats (my cat especially)
  • Some final little proofreading jobs before I plunge into a mega hiatus
  • New TV episodes (which mean I now spend a lot of evenings catching up on these TV shows… at least they relax me)
  • Blogging about my thesis progress (and getting some stuff done)
  • Quality time with the people I love

All the love for a great November. Eek.

Things I Love Thursday

  • Trying not to get too overwhelmed
  • Getting some very preliminary (yet necessary) work on my thesis – actually, I should blog about it
  • Waffles
  • Survival
  • Best friends
  • Questionably-shaped pasta with a divine creamy sauce with pancetta, and Peach Moscato, and best friends
  • Familiarity
  • Dancing at Notte Bianca (and other bits of Notte Bianca – not the crowds, but those were expected)
  • Seeing real improvement in a student
  • Finding a book at the library which I had been trying to track down for YEARS (main problem: they keep it in a LOCKED CABINET. WHY.)
  • Almost being done with the dress I’m making… the sleeve bits are proving to be tough, but it’ll be done soon
  • Sending out thank you cards to my past proofreading clients (look at the cute “branded” stickers!)
  • Time with an old friend :)
  • A huge milestone being reached as regards preparation for my warrant exam – it was nothing much, but still: very significant to me
  • Finding a parking space at university at 7:55am (and not finding my car scratched upon my return)

Things I Love Thursday

  • My brave friend who is doing a crazy raw-food-only cleanse this week. The raw-friendly photo which accompanies this post today is in honour of her bravery.
  • Delicious juices (made with aforementioned friend’s juicer and blender) – yum
  • Lovely gifts from my father’s trips abroad (NARS Laguna bronzer – hello!)
  • A wonderful memorial evening for a wonderful guy
  • Lots of notarial prattika
  • Body wash that smells like a decadent hot chocolate sprinkled with icing sugar
  • An impromptu swim
  • Lots of theatre at the MADC One-Acts
  • Being around guys
  • Hearing about how the awesome birthday cake I made last week was such a hit
  • Cool tweets
  • An interesting thesis to proofread
  • Chilled white wine
  • Ridiculously awesome (and expected) news

Things I Love Thursday

  • Putting up a book haul post full of awesome books and rambling about reading + books
  • Happy banter
  • Clean, bouncy hair
  • Baking a crazy Cake of Awesome
  • Watching a bunch of fantastic films (most notably: Pour Elle)
  • Yummy fresh juice
  • Coming up with new pet names for my boyfriend
  • Lounging around with my boyfriend, and knowing exactly what the other is thinking with one look
  • Successful private lessons (I teach an English Advanced Level preparation course)
  • Some good news
  • Finishing the proofreading of another thesis
  • Watching the Great British Bake Off
  • Dessert ravioli (OMG SO GOOD)
  • My awesome friend Anna
  • Not freaking out too much about how it’s already almost the middle of September and I haven’t done enough work for my notarial warrant exam nor on my thesis. Actually, scratch that. I’m freaking out.

Happy Thursday!

Things I Love Thursday

  • A weekend of happy times, relaxation, and good food in Gozo with my two best friends
  • A barbecue with friends, even though the biggest thunderstorm ever decided to launch itself upon us at the end
  • Happily working away (more proofreading)
  • Sparkling wine
  • Lovely people online, offline, everywhere
  • Compiling a favourites post
  • Dancing
  • Reading another Bill Bryson book (he’s the absolute best)

Quite a short one since I’ve spent most of this week feeling a little poorly and finding it hard to get a proper night’s sleep. Let’s hope tonight is different! Have a lovely weekend, everyone.