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An Ode to a Burger


Recently, I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of a new range of premium meat products called Olly’s. The range is made of burgers (chicken and beef burgers, including the most adorable and most delicious mini burgers), chicken fingers, and chicken nuggets. (They also have a massive XXL Angus beef burger which is INSANITY ITSELF.) The best thing about the products is that they don’t only taste good, they’re made with really great high-quality meat, without any added stuff – it’s just yummy, yummy meat.

The reason for this post, however, is due to (what I think is) the star of the whole range. Their chicken burgers. Oh dear God. This burger is all chicken, with one oh-so-special addition: that cornflake crust. Oh my. Just look at the photo above. Pardon my gushing, but this burger is worthy of some gushing. It is the perfect, chunky little slab of chicken-burger goodness, caressed by the freshest, crunchiest, crispiest cornflake coating ever. It reminds me of that best-meal-ever feeling when you eat something at 2 in the morning and it goes down a treat. I’d imagine one of these would be perfect with some sweet potato fries and a glass of white wine, al fresco, obviously. I’m getting a little carried away here…

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know about these new products which are perfect for delicious meals and even barbecues (we cooked some up at a BBQ recently, and everyone GOBBLED them up). Please make sure you have some stocked up next time you invite me over. ;)

Ollys Packshots-01

Olly’s – a new range of premium meat products – is available in supermarkets from 15 May – keep an eye out.

A cheeky FeelUnique.com haul

Feelunique December 13 haul 1

Last month, while Christmas shopping, a few discount codes for feelunique.com popped into my inbox and I couldn’t really not check out the offers now, could I?

These two products had been on my beauty wishlist for a few months, but their price tags (and the fact that I have quite a few lip balms and moisturisers anyway) weren’t justifying a purchase. However, the discounts and the excitement kind of got me carried away a little, and I took the plunge.

The two (out of focus) teeny samples are Caudalie products (one is the Vinoperfect Day Perfecting Fluid SPF15, and the other is the Vinexpert Firming Serum) – I haven’t tried these yet, but I have previously tried a sample of the perfecting fluid and it was SO NICE. Caudalie is always pretty good.

Feelunique December 13 haul 2

I have about fifty products for my lips just lying around the house/different bags/everywhere, so it was really only a matter of time before I tried the latest big thing in the lip balm world. The NUXE Rêve de Miel Baume Lèvres Ultra-Nourrissant Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm is a super thick lip balm which has the consistency of smooth peanut butter. It’s mostly meant to be worn as a super nourishing treatment, usually before bed. I’ve sometimes used this after giving my lips a good scrub – coating my lips with it and feeling like Winnie the Pooh is hugging my lips. Luxury and loveliness.

The Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream was quite pricey, but I’ve heard so many amazing things about it off online reviews (mostly via essiebutton), that I really wanted to buy it and try it myself. It’s probably the most expensive moisturiser I’ve ever bought, but the claims it makes are quite amazing. It should basically ensure that my skin is one of the top priorities on Mrs God’s list o’ priorities. I’ve only used it a handful of times since purchasing it (since I was trying out the Vichy one), but I am really looking forward to giving it a good old test run.

Luxurious skincare by Vichy

vichy header

Vichy cosmetics is the type of brand which you find behind a piece of glass on a pristine shelf at fancy pharmacies. I’ve eyed several of this brand’s products, and I was ever so pleased to be able to get my hands on some samples to try out over the past couple of months.

This review will largely focus on a moisturiser and a make-up remover by Vichy.

Vichy moisturiser

The Aqualia Thermal 24hr moisturiser is what really stood out to me from the samples. This face lotion is light, seeps into the skin immediately, and feels like you’ve just had a little spa moment. It’s specifically designed for dehydrated and sensitive skin, and fortified with Vichy mineral spring water, mmm.

Vichy products are quite magical in the sense that they have such a strong, spa-like scent, and yet they’re thoroughly tested in specialist laboratories to be brilliant with sensitive skin. Luckily, my skin isn’t very sensitive, and the Vichy products I tried certainly did not affect it badly, but it was quite impressive to have such strongly scented products working for my skin rather than against it. I’m personally quite a fan of strong scents, so I definitely like the beautifully luxurious smell of Vichy products.

I even have a more mature woman’s review of this product, because I gave another little sample tub for my Mum to try over the past few weeks, and she’s already used it all up with the verdict that it was “amazing” and really “smoothing”. We both loved it, it seems!

Vichy make-up removerThe second Vichy product I liked (not as much as the lovely moisturiser though), was the Pureté Thermale 3-in-1 cleanser, which markets itself as a one-step cleanser which cleanses, tones, and removes make-up (specifically eye make-up) all in one. I wasn’t really sure how to use it – I initially used my fingers to apply it to my damp face but when I tried removing the residue make-up with a cotton pad, the lotion had sunk into my skin and I barely managed to actually remove any make-up. So perhaps I wouldn’t use this to remove all make-up, all over my face. As a softening toner, this was pretty amazing though.

However, I still wanted to see how this would fare as an actual eye make-up remover. So I conducted a little experiment. Here are my eyes with a few coatings of mascara and concealer underneath (after a long day).

Vichy eyes before

And these are my eyes after removing my eye-make-up off the eye on the right hand side of the photo, with the Vichy 3-in-1 cleanser. I used quite a heavy amount, but my eyes did not get bothered or sting. That’s clearly the sign of a high quality product, although it’s important to note that I do think that you have to be quite generous with the amount of product you use.

Vichy eyes with Vichy on one eye

I then removed the make-up on my other eye (on the left of the photo) with my usual eye make-up remover (Bioderma solution).

Vichy eyes with Bioderma on other eye

WARNING: slightly icky photo below. These are the cotton pads I used on my eyes above. The one on the right is the stuff removed by the Vichy product, and the one on the left is the stuff removed by my usual cleansing solution.

Vichy remover cotton pads

The Vichy 3-in-1 cleanser hasn’t stolen the top spot as my favourite eye make-up remover, but its one-stop-shop qualities are very attractive because they offer toning and cleansing properties apart from simple make-up removal. This cleanser is perfect for the mornings, to remove any gunk that built up over the night, and to soften and refresh for your big day ahead.

You can’t really go wrong with Vichy. Unfortunately, I tried out some of the highly-raved-about Vichy Idealia BB Cream, but it really did not work for me (and I had really hoped it would!). It clung to random patches of my skin, and even though I tried it out in a variety of ways (e.g. with/without powder, with my fingers, with a brush, using a lot/a little), it wasn’t a BB cream that I would want to purchase as a full-size product. I’d still recommend that you try it out, though, particularly if you can get your hands on a little sample tube, because it seems to work out exceedingly well for a lot of people, including some of my favourite bloggers (look at that skin!).

Overall, that Aqualia Riche moisturiser was the stand-out product for me (and for my Mum!), and I’d definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a long-lasting moisturiser that works well for the day and the night and is fantastic with all sorts of skin types, particularly dehydrated skin.

Now I’ve really got my eye on the Vichy Idealia Life Serum, because I’ve heard such great things. (Unfortunately, this is unavailable in Malta at the moment.) Still, quite a lot of exciting stuff from this brand.

Anatomicals: balms, balms, balms

Anatomicals balm

When it comes to balms, they’re usually just a bunch of essential oils that are often said to merely work due to a placebo effect. I tend to disagree. Essential oils can be super calming and helpful with stressful moments, sleeplessness, or aches and pains.

This post is a review of two Anatomicals balms, and I think they’re pretty special.

Oi! you throbhead headache relief balm

This is one of the most famous Anatomicals products. It is a balm which is very easy to apply (to your temples, and other painful spots, as you choose) and provides a scent and cooling sensation which calm and reduce headache pain. Myself and my mother both suffer from migraines every now and then, and my Mum was the first to reach for this balm constantly over the course of a few days (before I had the need to try it) and declared to me that it definitely worked and was something she’d love to keep at hand. Then I had to use it a number of times due to a few headaches, and while it did not completely eradicate the migraines (obviously), it certainly brought what it said on the tin: relief.

Cruisin’ for a snoozin’ sleep balm

I’ve been wanting a sleep balm for over a year, ever since I started having trouble sleeping. The biggest problem I’ve been having is falling asleep, which is where a sleep balm could come in handy. The essential oils in this one are calming and relaxing. The formula of the one I received wasn’t the best (nothing like the gummy headache relief balm), and needs a lot of “work” to warm it up and get some product transfer on my fingers. The smell also doesn’t linger for a very long time. However, I still love this product and want to keep it on my bedside table for whenever I have a bit of trouble nodding off – it definitely helps me calm down and settle into a night of sleep. I rub it on my temples and under my nose, usually, and that works a treat.

Both of these balms are great, cheap treats for friends or family members who might have problems with headaches or insomnia, and there’s a tonne of other products which make great gifts or treats for yourself or other people. The Anatomicals Malta website is where you can view and purchase this brand’s products; happy scrolling!

PS: A little birdie told me that there should be a “surprise” as regards the sleep balm and its formula in January… I’m most definitely intrigued!

I was gifted these awesome products, but my reviews present my honest opinions. 

Anatomicals: Stuff for the Face

Anatomicals facial products

Here is the first of more specific Anatomicals reviews, as promised. This time, I’m going to focus on the two face products I tried from the brand.

The grease isn’t the word (tell me more, tell me more) mattifying face mask

This is an anti-grease face mask, and although I was scared of it drying my face out, it left my face feeling incredibly soft and looking pretty darn lovely. I hadn’t realised that I could have had enough product for two or three applications, and I dumped all of the blue gooey product onto my hand at once… oops! It’s great that the mask holds two or three applications however, and it isn’t just a one-time thing (unless you ruin that possibility like I did). :)

The mask feels lovely and smooth on the skin. It’s very easy to apply, and gave me great results. It wasn’t a revolutionary mask, but I would definitely buy this for myself or for friends.

The hottie tottie is never spotty, pores and phwoars! shine free moisturiser

Although I’m going to list a few things that were “problems” with this moisturiser (mainly because it’s clearly a low-end moisturiser), I absolutely loved it. The feeling it gives and the smoothness is provides are what make this moisturiser the one I reach for every single morning. At night I like to use a thicker one, but this is perfect for the rest of the day.

The “problems” I found with this is that too much product comes out as soon as you squeeze it a little (which is a pity since a little goes such a long way!), but I’ve learnt to control this, so you just have to be careful. Also, it has a fake peach scent which bothers me a little, although it disappears after the moisturiser sinks into the skin.

Otherwise, this moisturiser is a keeper. My skin is (mostly) clear, soft, and moisturised.

Both of these products are easily available via the Anatomicals Malta website, at incredibly cheap prices. Some of the products on there will make great Christmas gifts; I know I would love to receive a few more of the stuff from their different ranges.

I was gifted these awesome products, but my reviews present my honest opinions. 

Anatomicals: an Overview

Anatomicals products

Anatomicals! What a fun brand. The products are fun and zany, seemingly perfect for teens and the young at heart, but also for anyone else, really. The lovely people at Anatomicals Malta sent me a variety of their products for me to try out, and after a few good weeks of trial, I’m ready for a full review of all of these.

Firstly, though, I’m going to present a little overview of them all, and then I’ll be posting two more posts which will focus on (1) the balms, and (2) the facial products.

1. Grease isn’t the word (tell me more, tell me more) mattifying face mask: a lovely mask, nothing spectacular or super luxurious, but it left my face feeling so soft and presentable (even without any make-up or moisturiser at all).

2. Oi! You throbhead headache relief balm: a definite favourite for the Bonello household. It’s not going to completely cure migraines, but everyone’s been reaching for it because of it’s lovely soothing properties.

3. Cruisin’ for a snoozin’ sleep balm: yes, this is probably just a placebo effect thing, and my sample of the product was not very balmy in texture (it seemed to need a lot of warming up). HOWEVER – I thoroughly enjoyed using this product, and it’s definitely going to stay on my bedside table for a long time.

4. The hottie tottie is never spotty pores and phwoars! shine free moisturiser: this doesn’t feel very luxurious (I usually use high-end moisturisers on my face like ones from Elizabeth Arden and Caudalie) but wow, this is actually a really nice moisturiser. I’ve been reaching for it every single morning, and it feels calming and ‘good’ to my skin.

5. “I’ve had the thyme of my life” cypress and thyme body cleanser: A perfectly nice shower gel. I’m more of a fan of super-strong scents for my body wash, so I wasn’t too impressed by this one. However, I know plenty of people who’d love this and its subtle scent and gentle washing abilities. I’m also a fan of more bubble-power, and this just doesn’t deliver that for me. Nothing wrong with it, but it’s something I’ll probably pass on to a friend. Also, it’s been discontinued anyway.

Overall: Anatomicals products are surprisingly lovely. They’re overwhelmingly cheap (less than 5EUR for a facial moisturiser!?), the branding is hilarious and so bright, and the actual products are good enough that most of them have found a permanent position in my daily routine.

More specific review posts will be up soon! Thanks again to the lovely Anatomicals people for introducing me to these awesome products.

The Fantail Brush: Review and First Impressions

fantail brush 006

Let me be honest about fantail brushes. I had never used a fantail brush before, I had always thought that it was just a frivolous product which wasn’t really necessary. Then I was contacted by the lovely The Vintage Cosmetic Company about the launch of their new fantail brush – I was definitely intrigued.

The brush came in the mail wrapped in a very cute ribbon. My immediate impressions were that the brush was smaller than expected, and that it was a hundred times softer than expected. For some reason, I had always thought that fantail brushes are prickly! This one is the absolute opposite of prickly, and it feels so luxurious on my face.

I wasn’t sure what to use the brush for, so I looked at The Vintage Cosmetic Company’s little “instructions”, which basically said that I could use it for a number of things. I decided to apply foundation, concealer and face powder as normal, and then proceeded to apply the rest of my face products (blusher, bronzer and highlighter) using my new fantail brush.

For bronzer, I dipped the brush into some Bourjois Delice de Poudre bronzer. It didn’t pick up much, but that’s usually the case with that bronzer anyway (regardless of the brush). So I moved on to another bronzer – an MUA one – and this time it picked up a good amount of product along its bristles. I applied it underneath my cheekbones, but I had no idea how to do it properly, so I ended up with a very defined line of brown powder across my cheeks. Panicking, I almost decided to wipe it all off and start from scratch, but instead, I tried to blend the bronzer out with the fantail brush itself. This worked pretty well, and that’s probably because this brush is also known to be great at blending or removing excess make-up. I still needed to blend it out with my fingers a little bit, so that totally taught me not to draw an actual LINE of bronzer on my face next time.

I then moved on to some blusher. I moved the fantail brush across some blusher from The Balm, and swept the brush across my cheeks in an almost diagonal motion, sweeping up towards my temples. This worked brilliantly, because usually the blusher I used would have applied itself a little too heavily, and I usually need to spend ages blending it out so I don’t look too red-cheeked. This time I even had to add a touch of product and was able to blend it out for a really natural look. Definitely super-happy about this brush at this point.

Oh my. Then things got super dandy. I swiped the brush on some highlighter and swept it on the tops of my cheeks. What a lovely sprinkling of glow that gave me. The brush made it so easy to distribute the product on the parts of my face that I wanted, while also letting me blend everything together effortlessly. It’s all about the narrow top part (for application) and the fan part (for blending and distributing product in a natural way).

fantail brush 003

So this brush turned out to be:

  • Incredibly soft.
  • Able to pick up a good amount of product (i.e. blusher/bronzer/highlighter/etc.).
  • Excellent for use with a bunch of different face products, and it worked fantastically for all of them.
  • Pretty darn awesome.
  • A high quality + very pretty item. I’m also keeping the bow on for a while. :)

I would have never thought of picking something like this up. Now, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a staple in my brush collection. It seems like it will last a long time too, since the bristles are densely packed and super soft, and the brush handle is sturdy and it’s all very well-made.


And what’s even more splendid – products from The Vintage Cosmetic Company are available on feelunique.com – i.e. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. The fantail brush doesn’t seem to be stocked there just yet, but there are tonnes of other products to skim through for now, and you can get the fantail brush from other places. (Their own website seems to have free shipping too! That’s splendid.)

This gorgeous fantail brush was graciously provided as a PR sample by The Vintage Cosmetic Company