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06/09 Thesis Progress: I GOT AN A.

After a long and arduous journey, my thesis has been bound and submitted, and the result is in. I want to burst with happiness and pride – my grade is an A. My viva was held in July, an hour-and-ten-minutes-long weird and wonderful and TAXING and OH-SO-OVERWHELMING experience, by the end of which I was sobbing with sheer emotion. (I really need to get this crying thing under control. Anyway.)

It has been one of the most exhausting things I’ve ever done, but I managed to cobble together a bunch of words which I’m really proud of, and which have been very well-received. It doesn’t contain any ground-breaking revelations, but I’m hugely pleased with my little academic contribution. Let’s hope there will be more to come throughout my life.

There were highs and a ridiculous amount of lows, but it all led to a very happy ending. I’m graduating Doctor of Laws in mid-November, and I got straight As in my final year’s subjects. I’ve essentially finally hacked the UoM law course, and managed to bag myself the notarial warrant, and a job as a lawyer(!!!!) in the process. High five, everyone! (You can totally achieve whatever you want, just ignore the negative/horrid people around you that try to get you down. They deserve The Worst Things.)

27/05 Thesis Progress: Extension Time

One sentence: thank GOD for extensions.

I hate the concept of extensions, but for once in my life, I have legitimate reasons for an extension, and I applied for one, and I got it. This evening. Thank GOD.

I’m actually almost done from the writing. Which is miraculous. But I’ve been churning out actual good stuff for the past couple of weeks, and I’m halfway through the final chapter (almost). Since this thesis is so LONG, the writing has become almost second nature. I’ve been doing this for thousands and thousands of words, so a few more thousand just spill out of me with relative ease. I usually don’t write more than a thousand or two thousand words a day, but in a few thousand I’ll be at the minimum word count, and eventually at the end of my final chapter!

It’s all a bit overwhelming at the moment, but most things are overwhelming when it comes to this thesis. I’m really pleased with a lot of the chunks that I’ve written up till now though, so that’s something. I hope that when I’ve finished with the first proper whole complete DRAFT that I can go back and fine-tune it all as much as possible.

We’re going to be on this journey for a while longer, folks.

16/05 Thesis Progress: Ughhh.

I’ve done lots of work on my thesis over the past couple of weeks. But there is still a large chunk left to be written, and everything seems a little exhausting. I don’t want to just plonk a few words on a page and get it done. I can do that very quickly, I’ve found. But I want to do a good job and put words together in an effective and critical way. Maybe all this effort won’t pay off in the future, but I still feel I owe it to myself to give all this thesis malarkey one final PUSH.

There’s still one and a half chapters to be written, even though they’re all pretty much fully planned out. Hopefully, consolidating everything shouldn’t take me too long, but it’s still a LOT of work to be done, and I kind of just want to drink cold fresh juice in the sun by the sea.

The end is nearer than ever, but it sure doesn’t feel that way.

03/05 Thesis Progress: Better.

Things are better. Last time, I was stuck in a bit of a seriously-bad rut, but now I’ve somehow gradually emerged, and written an entire chapter’s draft(!)

There’s still a long way to go. I have the bulk of two chapters left to write, and I’m already quite exhausted. I want it to be a great piece of work, but it’s tiring and time-consuming. And now it’s Deadline Month and the next few weeks are going to be brutal. Plus, I have the oral part of my notarial warrant exam in about a week’s time, so that’s going to be time-consuming in itself.

I’m seeing my immediate future as relatively bleak, but I’m still quite optimistic. I managed to piece together a fairly coherent chapter in 8 days (after extensive research and planning over long months, that is…), so maybe the final two chapters will work out as well.

Best of luck to everyone else that’s writing a thesis/dissertation/long essay/research project write-up. It’s a tough time. But we’ll get through it, and I keep telling myself: without any effort whatsoever, time is still going to pass, so whether I like it or not, it’s going to be June in a few weeks. Make of that what you will.

25/04 Thesis Progress: Not Good

Things are not going so well on the thesis front, as well as the life front. Only with regard to some things. Some things are great and fantastic. Others are just plummeting down towards deep, dark depths around me. I’ve been held back on progress on my thesis during the past few weeks, for a variety of reasons.

With just over a month to go, it’s time to lift myself from the bootstraps and charge ahead. I’ve been trying to do that for a while, however, and it hasn’t really worked. Yet. But – tomorrow is a new day, and at the end of it all, these are just a few words typed onto a page. I’m doing that right now.

Onwards and upwards. Even though I mostly feel like this.

PS: I’m sorry for not updating since December, but the long-story-short is that I emerged from a dark spell (as described back in December) and wrote a couple of chapters (that is, I mainly completely re-wrote a major chapter), and then I had my warrant exam to worry about, and now I’m (still) trying to get back into the groove of things. Eeeep.

09/12 Thesis Progress: Astonishingly bad

It’s taken me almost a week to write this post. It’s bad. It’s really bad. I was so pleased with my progress and now it feels like I have almost nothing. Early last week, I had a meeting with my supervisor, and it turns out that what I’ve compiled so far is practically no good, and needs to be completely condensed, re-arranged and re-written. It was a blow, and I haven’t been able to bounce back very well, yet. I’m trying to really get a good understanding of my primary materials right now, so then I can re-write a chapter as intelligently as I can. Then, we’ll see whether I’m on the right track or not.