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Things I Love Thursday

The softest donkeys we met by the road in the Luxembourgish countryside. The chubby grey one proceeded to forcefully blow snot all over my arm. Lovely.

  • Having lunch with my parents at my workplace
  • A fun fancy dinner with my parents on their last evening in Luxembourg last week
  • Treasure Island (and this beautiful version in particular)
  • New books
  • Surviving my French presentation test
  • Sunday drives
  • Luxembourgers
  • A very fuzzy giant dog I saw on the drive to work yesterday
  • Planning a trip with my boyfriend
  • Rabb.it with my bestie
  • Indian takeaway when it is needed

Things I Love Thursday

Wine-tasting at Bernard-Massard in Grevenmacher with my parents

  • My parents visiting us in Luxembourg
  • The gorgeous sunshine in Luxembourg
  • Sparkling wine
  • That chocolate fondant from Red Beef
  • My friends and their cat-sitting skills
  • The butterfly garden in Grevenmacher
  • The latest New Girl
  • Book club
  • Having a car
  • Popcorn milkshake from Quick (no shame)
  • Reading

Things I Love Thursday

A snapshot from my birthday dinner a couple of weeks ago <3

  • A surprise birthday book delivery of a book of feminist poetry from a lovely friend <3
  • Completing tasks with my boyfriend
  • Washing the car on a sunny weekend! It’s so shiny!
  • My wonderful, wonderful friend Louise
  • Cats on windowsills
  • Useful meetings
  • Tough yoga classes
  • Jane the Virgin
  • Messages from my besties back home

Things I Love Thursday

Chicken skins at Emma’s Kitchen (sounds weird, tastes INCREDIBLE)

  • My 28th birthday!
  • Malta
  • A trip to IKEA
  • My baby nephew
  • Books, reading, words
  • A little citrus potted plant for my office
  • Being a mentor(!) at work
  • Maltese people visiting Luxembourg
  • My loving and supportive boyfriend
  • A how-well-do-you-know-Claire quiz
  • Birthday dinners
  • Birthday food
  • Birthday CAKE
  • Excellent, excellent birthday pressies
  • Chapels
  • Fort St Angelo (incredible)

Things I Love Thursday: Guest Edition (Rachel’s)

This week’s TILT is a guest edition, penned by the lovely Rachel. Rachel has been my friend since I was a teenager, and I’m so happy we’re still friends and see each other at least once or twice a year. She lives in Brussels and is always up to something or other, and she’s Top Geographer in my eyes. Her blunt words and infectious laugh are some of my favourite things about her, as well as her love for my blog <3

Enjoy her lovely TILT:

  • drowning myself in sunshine at the park
  • the mint and basil plants I’m managing to keep alive
  • making pretty maps which are also useful
  • writing scripts that work
  • the way my boyfriend’s eyes light up when there’s food ❤
  • Frederic Blondeel for pralines AND yummy hot chocolate
  • online shopping
  • spending the day at a geography conference
  • reading non-academic literature, currently The Decamerone
  • scrolling through DIY ideas
  • expanding my French vocabulary (current favourite word: boucle)
  • expanding my Dutch vocabulary (favourite phrase ever: Aan tafel!)
  • contributing to this amazing blog with my TILT ❤

Things I Love Thursday

The best spaghetti octopus from Rising Sun. <3

  • A lovely lunch with a dear friend
  • Starting French lessons again and getting a great teacher
  • Going to Malta because, to me, Malta > Luxembourg, always
  • Spending time with my beautiful, wonderful best friends
  • A fun wedding
  • Indian food
  • Chapels
  • Panzerotti

Things I Love Thursday

  • Meeting this beautiful cat and her sister (equally gorgeous)
  • Spending time with friends and their children (who ever thought I would write those words)
  • Lenten decisions
  • Getting up at 2.30am and staying up till 6.30am on Monday to watch the Oscars (while messaging throughout with my bestie)
  • That final Oscars disaster – SO GOOD
  • Watching Nocturnal Animals on rabb.it with a friend (even though it was a bit of a scarring experience, haha)
  • Surviving a particularly stressful week at work
  • Finally watching La La Land and Manchester By the Sea
  • Booking accommodation for a long holiday in Ireland with my besties (and the accompanying Skype call)
  • New books
  • Wine wine wine wine wine wine (I miss you already, my love)

Things I Love Thursday

  • Family
  • True lovely friends
  • Cute baby pictures
  • Books
  • Using my rubber stamp
  • Being helpful and solving problems
  • Porto
  • My awesome boyfriend who’s an excellent partner-person
  • Good food
  • Fine dining with all the bells and whistles
  • The Eurovision
  • White wine
  • Red wine
  • The baby nephew who was perfect when he was born but is now inexplicably a million times more beautiful. Ma nifhimx.
  • Venus the cat (pictured)

Things I Love Thursday: Guest Edition (John’s)

Today we have a special TILT, from the one and only John. He’s been a lovely friend to me over the past few years, and some of you probably know him from TV (ooooh – a celebrity on my blog!). He’s also been a very sweet supporter of my blog and my TILTs, so it’s my absolute pleasure to have let him compile his own list of things he loves and appreciates this week.

  • Okami! My little Shiba boy!
  • Sparta, Athena and Leila! My 3 cats.
  • My nephews and niece
  • Peep Show (series addiction galore)
  • Manchester United
  • Gaming
  • Pejx
  • Joe Abercrombie
  • Football Forum
  • My colleagues
  • The Pub
  • Adventures with Phil!
  • The Brimmers
  • Last but not least, the people that helped pick me back up after these two years, the people I consider my family and my everything: my friends and the ones I love. Thank you so much for being there, you are awesome and amazing people.

Things I Love Thursday

Brunch at Kathy’s, Luxembourg City

  • A delicious brunch with some lovely women
  • A great evening of pizza and wine and conversation (and a baby falling asleep on me)
  • Celebrating a friend’s birthday
  • Cake
  • Yoga
  • Bowling, air hockey, and table soccer
  • Watching a bunch of the Oscar-nominated films (I’m trying to watch as many as possible, like last year)
  • An evening out with two lovely ladies, including the wonderful carrot cake from Konrad’s, and going to Beet for the first time (had an absolutely heavenly tart, but it barely kept me full for two minutes)
  • Contacting old friends
  • Bastille
  • Reading a few great/amusing books: The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up, Fucking Apostrophes, Let Them Eat Chaos.
  • Dreaming about adopting a perfect puppy
  • Feeling good mentally even though I’m a bit sick this week physically
  • Skype sessions with my parents
  • A Skype call with one bestie and then a rabb.it call to watch Grey’s with my other bestie (heaven)