The Frankie Daily Journal 2014

Last year, I finally took the plunge and purchased a Frankie Daily Journal (the previous year, I had wanted one but they had sold out too quickly!). I had seen a lot of good things about them online over the years, but it’s a different thing to own one.  I just wanted to jot down a few thoughts about it, since it’s been quite special to have a daily journal at hand for a year – not something I usually do. (I usually stick to jotting things down on my Google Calendar, and that’s about it).

This diary is a beautiful little book – and feels so luxurious. The almost-square shape is so pretty, and it’s going to look gorgeous on a shelf when I’m done with it. It’s lovely to have something to keep my thoughts and special moments from a particular time jotted down, even if I did neglect the journal for a few months this year… I hope I’ll be more consistent next year! (Yes, I’ve already ordered the 2015 one, and I’m so excited to fill it in with thoughts from a new life in Luxembourg.)

Now, let’s talk about what’s inside. The journal is SO FULL of things:

  1. A ribbon to track your place.
  2. A pocket at the back to keep whatever you need to keep.
  3. Delightful patterns (that change with the month!)
  4. Gorgeous illustrations.
  5. Month “front pages” that are like little paintings.
  8. Little bookmark-style pull-out lists.
  9. A couple of pages showing the whole year.
  10. Pages showing each month.
  11. A little double-page year-view calendar just for birthdays.
  12. Oh-so-many more things.

(Some more photos here.) (And here.)

It goes unsaid that this would make a fantastic present, and I highly recommend this beautiful journal. (So totally can’t wait for the 2015 one to arrive in the mail and to start using it!)