Things I Love Thursday

  • Feeling a little better
  • Revisiting the books I read in 2013
  • Swimming! In the sea! Twice! Once with one of my longest, loveliest friends! And another time with my boyfriend!
  • Standing up for myself
  • So much blogging
  • A tiny bit of productivity
  • Helpful classmates
  • Doing well in my Maltese proofreading course
  • Completing a trial run of some Vichy products
  • Drinks and nibbles with all the parents together at my boyfriend’s house
  • A surprise 60th birthday party for Dave’s lovely aunt
  • Watching the Manoel Theatre panto (hilarity all around)
  • Brunch at a lovely friend’s house (with lots of chats about theses and OSCOLA and Lebanese surnames(!))
  • Getting my LUSH Boxing Day sale order!
  • Meeting a pug who slightly stole my heart
  • Going to a bar called Times Gone By in Gżira and having delicious Thai food and amazing beer (and I don’t usually love beer so much)
  • Compiling a post with all of my 2013 favourites all together

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