Things I Love Thursday

  • My birthday! IT WAS SO GOOD. Best birthday… possibly ever? I did hugely miss my friends and family back in Malta, but it was a fantastic day – my boyfriend outdid himself with the awesomeness. He surprised me with train tickets to Metz (France) and we spent a day there, where he treated me to lunch at a restaurant (that has a Michelin star!!) and a visit to the Centre Pompidou, all while I pranced around with the jacket he bought me and while reading the awesome book he gave me.
  • My wonderful friends and family who send me such beautiful gifts and messages (every day, but especially on my birthday)
  • Our new mattress – I’ve never slept on such a comfortable surface. It’s magic.
  • Riding a bike around Luxembourg for the first time and totally surviving (even if I had a tiny anxiety attack during the first few minutes)
  • Proofreading such wonderful work where so much effort has been put in – it’s the most satisfying thing ever to help perfect work which is already stellar in its content
  • Discovering delicious restaurants in our neighbourhood
  • (Extensively) reviewing the Luxembourg City Film Festival – there are some great films to check out
  • Realising that I’m actually learning French (bit by bit)
  • Going to a job fair, which turned out to be a really cool experience
  • New bits from IKEA
  • Getting so much appreciation from readers of my blog about my Things I Love Thursday posts – they’re (clearly) my favourite to compile, and I love that it injects a little bit of sunshine into other people’s day too!

6 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

    1. clairebonello Post author

      Thanks so much Julie!! :) You’re so lovely and sweet. Hope you’re having a fantastic week too :) x

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