Things I Love Thursday

Close to Wied iż-Żurrieq

This is a bit of a bittersweet TILT. After a tough couple of months, 2016 had turned out to be a pretty spectacular year. Until last Thursday, when my dear work mentor and colleague, Ruben, died in a very tragic and sudden accident. We’re all still in shock, and returning to work has been quite hard. However, Ruben was nothing if not jovial, so a TILT is definitely fitting.

  • The last days of work before the holidays
  • Malta Malta Malta
  • Chapel-hunting with my bestie across Malta
  • A hike to Fomm ir-Riħ
  • Swimming THREE TIMES while in Malta (glorious, invigorating)
  • The support of family and friends and colleagues
  • Driving safely to and from Brussels
  • Restaurants in Malta: Zero Sei, Rising Sun, Capistrano <3
  • Getting a helix piercing
  • My wonderful boyfriend
  • My baby nephew who is more perfect than ever
  • Christmas and New Year’s Day
  • The annual re-watch of Love Actually (this time with pastizzeria pizza and pastizzi)
  • Rob Harbour live in Malta
  • Nudging my friend to get a bra fitting (which she did, yay!)
  • Letting go
  • A wonderful housewarming & birthday party
  • Pregnancy news from some friends! Squeeeee!
  • Slow evenings doing easy housework/admin at home (usually while Dave cooks and with a podcast episode on)
  • A lovely NYE
  • My besties, Anna and Annie, who are everything
  • Finding out that my cat (who is almost 12) scores a 9/10 in health
  • A wave ring
  • Ruben, and the two months he spent mentoring me, and the lovely person he was

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