Things I Love Thursday

  • Meeting this beautiful cat and her sister (equally gorgeous)
  • Spending time with friends and their children (who ever thought I would write those words)
  • Lenten decisions
  • Getting up at 2.30am and staying up till 6.30am on Monday to watch the Oscars (while messaging throughout with my bestie)
  • That final Oscars disaster – SO GOOD
  • Watching Nocturnal Animals on with a friend (even though it was a bit of a scarring experience, haha)
  • Surviving a particularly stressful week at work
  • Finally watching La La Land and Manchester By the Sea
  • Booking accommodation for a long holiday in Ireland with my besties (and the accompanying Skype call)
  • New books
  • Wine wine wine wine wine wine (I miss you already, my love)

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