Things I Love Thursday

Għar Lapsi, Malta

  • Predictably: MALTA
  • My little nephew who is blossoming into such a sweet boy
  • Surviving a 12-hour trip to Malta including a severe thunderstorm and Orly Airport
  • The Pub in Valletta on a sweet Friday night
  • My two best friends who brighten my entire life
  • Seeing really old friends who have also gone to live in other countries but who are in Malta for the general election
  • Oberweis
  • TMI, but a new (retractable!) menstrual cup
  • Doing my civic duty and voting
  • Spending time with my parents
  • Beaches! Sunsets!
  • A shopping spree at LUSH
  • Giving early birthday pressies to my bestie Anna
  • George Orwell, always
  • YouTube
  • The Fork and Cork restaurant in Rabat – incredible
  • A walk and sushi date with my boyfriend
  • A red laser pointer
  • Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea <3

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