Things I Love Thursday

A cheesy, potatoe-y, meaty meal in Trier, Germany.

  • Spending lots of wonderful quality time with our little nephew who visited with his parents last week – I was so sad when they left on Tuesday!
  • Visiting some beautiful parts of Luxembourg (including Luxembourg City itself as well as places like Esch-sur-Alzette, Echternach, Schengen…)
  • Reading this beautiful graphic novel (in French!)
  • Little baby feet
  • Carrying a happy baby
  • Phoning an old friend and having a lovely little catch-up chat
  • Crossing borders like it’s nothing
  • Cute dogs
  • The loveliest zines and illustrations by Fran Maneses
  • Good playgrounds
  • So much more French (the course I’m doing is seriously intensive…)

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