Things I Love Thursday

Walking down towards Kalanka Bay

  • A glorious few days in Malta – swimming every day, eating out every day, friends, family, cats, village feasts…
  • My colleague has just released a book in Maltese!
  • Watching Dunkirk with friends
  • A delightful meal with fascinating, lovely people at Bahia in Lija (ohmyGodsogood)
  • Receiving an actual giant box of books I had ordered
  • A Room of One’s Own – genuinely one of the most mind-opening and world-opening books I’ve ever read. READ IT.
  • Meeting our friends’ new baby and seeing how amazing they are at this parenting thing already
  • The Ħamrun festa. Monumental.
  • Catch-up lunches
  • Tans
  • Skam (a Norwegian series – so good)
  • Swimming swimming swimming
  • My two best friends who are 10/10
  • Booking a sneaky trip to London for December – eek!
  • Hosting a BBQ for friends and watching the latest Game of Thrones episode together and seriously feeling so emotional and happy to be doing all of that
  • Aeroplanes
  • A night of fireworks and BBQ food and my favourite little boy
  • My sweet cousin + wife + little girl + another girl coming soon in about a month(!!)
  • Chapels
  • Rising Sun in Marsaxlokk
  • Mr Whippy ice-cream in Marsaxlokk (this time with a cone full of smarties, topped with ice-cream tal-magna)
  • Blue paint
  • A free flag
  • Oysters
  • A wi-fi device
  • So many other things

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