Things I Love Thursday

At the Villa Vauban in Luxembourg City.

  • Delicious homemade lunches
  • Visiting the Luxembourg City Art Museum
  • An absolutely delightful evening at two friends’ place for pizza, Twistees, wine, hot chocolate, and an Amadeus (Director’s Cut!) viewing
  • Doing a spontaneous, daring thing with a friend
  • A date night watching Baby Driver with my lovely boyfriend
  • Finally reading Ready Player One. Happy to have read it, but not incredibly impressed, unfortunately. Mostly because it’s not my thing. This article sums up a lot of my thoughts.
  • Going to a “Ladies’ Night” at the cinema with some colleagues and watching My Cousin Rachel which was… very thought-provoking.
  • Aeroplanes, flying, pilots, aviation
  • Booking a spontaneous trip to Italy for this weekend
  • Starting Mansfield Park (and this is such a gorgeous edition!)
  • Being a bit more conscious of what I eat and not feeling completely deprived of everything that’s beautiful in life (AKA food)

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