Things I Love Thursday

The best pasta dish I’ve ever eaten.

  • PADOVA – I’ve finally (after a lifetime of resisting it) started to appreciate Italy on a deeper level. Now, I’m totally on board. Give me the music, the people, the food. Oh, the food.
  • Finding my favourite pasta dish, ever. Shrimp ragu, white pepper, melon. What.
  • Lago di Garda (and particularly: Sirmione)
  • Staying in lovely accommodation (B&B Al Bo in Padova and the Moxy at Milan Malpensa airport)
  • Giotto
  • Aperol Spritz (obviously)
  • Piazzas
  • Reading the most delicious little book while in Italy (very surprising tales)
  • My aunt and uncle celebrating 50 years of marriage
  • The loveliest mid-morning coffee date at work with talk of ambition and nerdiness
  • More homemade lunches at work
  • Delicious Indian takeaway
  • Not feeling anxious
  • Baby cuddles
  • Wine wine wine
  • Bookshops with gorgeous books
  • A pull-out map (in Maltese!)
  • Beautiful doors and arches
  • Via Malta in Padova
  • Passito
  • Late-night cocktails with my lovely boyfriend

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