Things I Love Thursday

Delicious coffee, baklava, and wayside-chapel hunting.

  • Malta (this is getting old…)
  • Finally finishing this beast
  • Flying an actual little plane and SOARING
  • Seeing both of my best friends while in Malta
  • Gozo! Ftajjar! The sea!
  • Filfla.
  • Going for a morning swim with my Mum
  • Bad movies
  • A wonderful, wonderful wedding
  • Joanie Clothing
  • Strong Aperol Spritzes
  • Octopus pasta and white wine – always
  • The beautiful nephew <3
  • Just hearing that my cousins had another new baby girl <3
  • BoJack Horseman
  • Greeting our friend at the airport after coming back early from Cuba
  • Our colleague having her baby
  • A beautiful book gift from a super dear friend
  • Patient friends
  • Netflix
  • Final preparations for our Iceland trip
  • Work friends who make life in Luxembourg bearable

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