Things I Love Thursday

A little plane and a beautiful sunset at flight school.

  • Finding time (and head space) to relax after a busy week
  • Feeling super excited for Iceland (THIS WEEKEND)
  • The Nuit des Lampions in Wiltz
  • Aeroplane Performance
  • Competent colleagues
  • Those Friday morning coffee dates/pep talks! <3
  • Work work work
  • Not losing my cool
  • A lovely lunch with lovely friends
  • Getting things done (not completely painlessly, but I’ll get there!)
  • Being able to have a drink outside on a terrace in Luxembourg on a Sunday evening (I had given up on that possibility for the rest of the year!)
  • Reading the third volume of Saga – I’m all in now.
  • Indian food
  • Maltese food
  • Genuine help
  • Having a car

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