Things I Love Thursday

Peeking out at the top of the Dom in Utrecht

  • Utrecht! What a lovely city – very Dutch and effortlessly hip and beautiful.
  • Our hosts at Utrecht – including piles of Nutella for breakfast
  • Dutch pancakes
  • St Vincent
  • Cats
  • Waffles and chicken and maple syrup
  • Illustrations of a pigeon in Giant Days Vol. 3
  • Books
  • Functioning printers
  • Sweet (unlimited) ribs
  • Red wine
  • It’s a Present (my new favourite shop)
  • Alpacas
  • Meeting an old friend for cake and hot chocolate (and doggie cuddles)
  • Watching The Nightmare Before Christmas with my bestie on
  • A bread-and-cheese evening with my boyfriend
  • Getting things done

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