Things I Love Thursday

  • Snow in Luxembourg!
  • A lovely little weekend in Leeds
  • Christmas
  • Mulled cider
  • English pubs
  • (A potentially unpopular one): English food!
  • Finally finishing this book – it’s so weird but I’m really looking forward to the next issue of The Happy Reader which will focus on it.
  • Watching a film (Patti Cake$! It was brilliant.) and having delicious pasta and wine at my friends’ place
  • Lunch with a couple of lovely friends
  • Netflix
  • Netflix allowing you to download stuff to watch offline (perfect for plane rides!)
  • Magic onions
  • Field Music!
  • Excellent Christmas wrapping paper
  • Competitive coffee-making
  • Crumpets
  • Waitrose
  • Spotting a fox
  • Sending a giant pile of Christmas cards
  • Finally compiling and ordering my parents’ Christmas present
  • Duck and apricots
  • Aeroplanes
  • Starting my annual advent calendar
  • Gearing up for the annual London Christmas trip!

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