Things I Love Thursday

Drinking (almost) all the mulled wine at Monschau Christmas market.

  • Driving past snowy landscapes
  • Not slipping in snow/ice/slush
  • A spontaneous pizza date
  • Finishing the latest book club book and feeling really satisfied about finishing it – I really liked it
  • Christmas jumpers
  • Party times
  • New clothes
  • New tights(!)
  • The Happy Reader
  • Surviving doctors’ appointments that never seem to end (get those check-ups in before the end of the year! An excellent parting gift to yourself before next year.)
  • A lovely day trip to Monschau with three other wonderful women for the Christmas market
  • Finally visiting the Luxembourg City Christmas market with one of my favourite people ever (including mulled wine and delicious Luxembourgish treats!)
  • My first espresso in my new Cermaics By Tiz cup
  • Being indulgent and ordering in fancy truffle pasta
  • Book club

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