Things I Love Thursday

Matelots – new favourite restaurant in Luxembourg City

  • A film (and risotto) night at two friends’ place
  • A stress ball shaped like a little man
  • Intelligent, enlightened conversation
  • A film date with a dear friend
  • A film date with my boyfriend (with delicious food before the film)
  • Lots of films, as you can see
  • Loving my current reads: Wuthering Heights and The God of Small Things
  • Bowling and dinner with friends
  • Catching up with an old friend
  • Kniddelen
  • Sunday lunch in town
  • Writing about graphic novels
  • Writing about little books
  • Writing some snail mail
  • Having my office be more cosy (I should bring a cushion or two…)
  • “Clean house, clean mind”
  • Thinking about planning a sneaky trip to Malta (and by “sneaky”, I mean everyone and their dog will know about it)

2 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. ronkeadeyemi

    Dinner dates and a catch up followed by a movie does it for me. In fact anything to do with food makes me happy.


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