Things I Love Thursday: Guest Edition (John’s)

Today we have a special TILT, from the one and only John. He’s been a lovely friend to me over the past few years, and some of you probably know him from TV (ooooh – a celebrity on my blog!). He’s also been a very sweet supporter of my blog and my TILTs, so it’s my absolute pleasure to have let him compile his own list of things he loves and appreciates this week.

  • Okami! My little Shiba boy!
  • Sparta, Athena and Leila! My 3 cats.
  • My nephews and niece
  • Peep Show (series addiction galore)
  • Manchester United
  • Gaming
  • Pejx
  • Joe Abercrombie
  • Football Forum
  • My colleagues
  • The Pub
  • Adventures with Phil!
  • The Brimmers
  • Last but not least, the people that helped pick me back up after these two years, the people I consider my family and my everything: my friends and the ones I love. Thank you so much for being there, you are awesome and amazing people.

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