What I Bought on my First Outing in Luxembourg

Luxembourg Shopping January 2015

During my first few days in Luxembourg, I popped out on my own one morning to discover what a few of the shops in the city centre had to offer. I’m not used to having H&M, LUSH, HEMA, and Sephora all within a few minutes’ walking distance, so it was all Very Exciting.

Some things I bought!

I made cakes for our neighbours in the apartments below us, smelt oh-so-good, and found a book from my to-read list, in English! The fact that all the things I bought from LUSH were 50% off still boggles my mind. HEMA is also clearly my new favourite bits-and-bobs shop. I later visited it again and bought ALL their cards.

Any other cool shop suggestions for me to visit in Luxembourg? I like pretty stationery, books (in English), beauty products, food, and skater dresses.

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  1. Corie Bratter

    Hema is just in front of my office, I still don’t remember how I was living before they open!
    I cannot buy tights at H&M – my problem, I suppose – as after couple of washes they are starting to fall down :( I am always going to Calzedonia – same side than Hema, a bit further going to the bridge.
    In the same area I love Devred for men clothes. They have great quality (better than Zara, definitely) and small prices, above all they have great promotion each and every week. In front of Hema, there is Claire’s. It is one of my favorite for fake eyelashes, phone covers and hair accessories.
    Most of the fancy food shops are unfortunately extremely expensive, but if you pass in Rue Bender, just in the Station area, there is this lovely shop called La Pause du Gourmet. They have delicious charcuterie, cheese (ohhhh cheese!) and wine. The owner is a very nice person, you can have even lunch there and they organize private events in the evening. I did my birthday there last here. It is not extremely cheap, but worth a try.


    1. clairebonello Post author

      I know! How did we survive without HEMA?? Haha.
      Thanks SO MUCH for the shop suggestions! Especially the tights one, and the cheese one! Yummmm, I love cheese :)

  2. sunny

    Yes, Hema is pretty cool! If you are into crafts, you have to go to Bastelkiste (it’s in the Gare area). They have almost everything that a diy-person’s heart desires ;). I also love Ben and Pepper in Avenue de la liberté, near the Rousegärtchen. Have fun shopping :)

    1. clairebonello Post author

      A friend actually just recommended Ben and Pepper too :D Must check it out. Also excited to peek into this crafts place :) Might find some cool stuff for my notebooks and journal. Thanks so much for the recommendations :)

  3. bettyfashionlounge

    I like to read your posts! Having been in Luxembourg for just 1 month you already discovered more shops than me. :) My main spots of shopping are the `usual` brands: Promod, H&M, Zara, Mango for outfits; I like also Butlers. And thanks for the reading list inspiration, I love books!

    1. clairebonello Post author

      Thanks, Betty! :) I really need to check out Butlers… it opened in Malta just before I left but I never visited, and I’ve heard a lot of good things about it :)

  4. Frédérique

    I just love Hema too! Unfortunately I can’t get there by foot, I have to take the car either for Luxembourg City or Arlon. But I always invest a lot of money over there to buy a lot of stuff!!!

  5. LG


    We have been in Lux for just over 18 months and I am still as excited about it as I was in the first! It’s a gorgeous country and lovely city. I know you will stumble onto shops you love as you go,it’s like a treasure hunt. When spring and summer come, if you aren’t working, the days are gorgeous and taking a bus to anywhere in the country with your walking shoes, camera, a book, and a couple of euro, will fill up the days with stunning adventures.

    Oh and if you enjoyed Agatha Christie… look for her book called “The Crooked House” it’s brilliant!

    Carry on enjoying the adventure!

    1. clairebonello Post author

      Thanks so so much for your LOVELY comment! :) You’ve made me even more excited about living in this gorgeous country. I can’t wait for spring and summer to begin! Very soon now :)

      Thanks especially for your book recommendation… I will definitely pick it up soon.

      Hope you’re having a great Sunday! x

    1. clairebonello Post author

      Marie-Laure! Thank you for the excellent suggestion!! I can’t wait to go to this place – I loveeeee hot chocolate and cake!! :)

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